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08 January 2008

Stirring the Pot

i have never been a fan of drama. anybody that knows me, knows that i will walk 5 miles uphill, cross a river and base jump off the Hoover Dam to avoid drama. but it just seems that i always meet the people whose lives revolve around it. once i know you are drama filled, i attempt to curb my interaction with you. some people you can't avoid because they are related to you or they work with you or you are in love with them....HA! besides the drama filled, there are people that i dislike even more, the pot stirrers. you know those people that like to keep things going even after they have died, those folks. the people that cannot leave well enough alone, that need to see/start drama for others, i despise them the most. i dislike them not because they set the drama in motion, but they deny playing any part in the end result.
"i didn't even know girl."
"i would have never said anything, but it was just eating at me."
"you see what they doing over there, talking about you."
why do these people make it their goal to keep the drama swirling? besides the fact that they have no life of their own, they have to feel important to someone. so they embed themselves into the lives of the people who are experiencing the drama. and they seem to be advocates and behave as if they are trying to help you resolve the issue, but in essence they are working for an opposite cause. they want to see you suffer, break up with your significant other, cause a disturbance of some sort while they sit back and watch. you are the entertainment. i know that sounds mean, but for what other reason would they play instigator? to see the drama unfold but not play a key role.
i had a pot stirrer as a good friend (we are not friends now). and i saw the havoc she was wrecking in other peoples lives and i was yucking it up. but then she tried it with me and i could not be angry because i was nobody special. i was just some chick that introduced her to my friends, gave her money, helped her through her 1st pregnancy/miscarriage, got her a job and drove her around town, but i wasn't "doing anything for her". she lied to my closest friends about me and at least one of my friends saw through her stories, but the other didn't. so i lost 2 friends but gained a wealth of knowledge.
so when he/she comes to you with a story that they heard from what's-his-face-anem, laugh and say "i know chile". this will render them confused and they will not know what to say or do. and that is good. if they feel like they cannot manipulate the situation, then they will move on to the next target.
hopefully this information will assist you when you decide to make new friends or evaluate the friends that you have.