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19 March 2008

The Ghetto-a-zation of Customer Service

i have worked several customer service jobs in my lifetime, some were good and some were bad. my first job was concessions at a movie theatre, then i moved to manager at a music store and i ended my customer service reign in credit card customer service for Bank of America. those jobs were easy to obtain, but very hard to keep. if you didn't already know, customer service is a thankless job. you either do the job or let the job do you. we all have bad days at work, but it seems that every day in customer service is bad. it used to be that poor customer service was rare, but it is currently the norm everywhere. i know everyone has had that one experience where they wanted to speak to the supervisor, write a letter and ask for their money back. but there comes a time when you want to black out on the person behind the register. for example:

1. shopping in my local dollar tree, i notice 3 young ladies on the sales floor stocking merchandise. i assumed that one of them was working the register but no one was in line at the moment. besides the muzak playing and the loud convo about who was about to get fired, business was winding down for the night. as i approached the check out line, i notice 3 other persons waiting. who were they waiting on and how long had they been waiting? the 3 employees continued to mill around and no one came near the register. then after about 3 minutes someone yells "Tyquisha you got people in line!" um Tyquisha just walked pasted her 4 times. are you serious? are you really going to let us stand here and wait when you could have been done with all of us in the 3 minutes you have been walking around? i had to laugh to prevent myself from strangling her. in utopian society, Tyquisha would have been fired.

2. when Tyquisha started ringing up my items, you would have thought she was wearing muzzle. i did not get a hello or a goodbye or a fuck you. if there was no screen in front of me with the cost, i would have never known the total. unless Tyquisha is a mute, her boss needs to tell her to greet people. she didn't even have a smile on her face, she looked as if i was interrupting her and her man about to get busy. Tyquisha if you don't like your job get a new one!

3. while attempting to buy a DVD at Best Buy, Larion Tyriq Jenkins was the closest customer service rep. i would have preferred asking Poindexter Willingham the science geek , but Tyrisha got to him first. now we all know that there is no such thing as a small Best Buy store, that is an oxymoron. so when i asked Larion (pronounced Le-Ryan) to help me locate something , instead of showing me, he pointed. not only did he point, he pointed waaaaay over yonder (that means far away). i looked at him as if to say, "stop playing!" but all Larion did was blink, he did not get on his lil walkie talkie head phone thingamajigga, he stood there. i lapped my eyes and proceeded to hike to where he pointed and you know he sent me to the wrong area. ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!! i swear i am going to do all of my shopping online from now on.

please share with me all of your ghetto customer service stories, i need a good laugh after all of that.

09 March 2008

To Catch a Predator

dear predator,

i would like to thank you for making me feel worse about myself than before. i love how you swooped in to save me when i was depressed and took total advantage of my situation. i thought that you were very attentive and responsive to my needs. but you were actually looking for an easy way in with me. you were looking for my weak spot, the something that would get you over with little effort. i am shamed that i was unable to see through your facade, but i wasn't in my right mind at the time. after reflecting on the situation, a sane me would have caught the lies. all of the holes in your stories and your lack of responsibility for your actions. after a short while, i understood who i was in your world. i was the no questions asked girl. in an effort to not rock the boat, i did not go with my gut and dig in your ass about some of the things that were going on. but that is the past and i have to fight my thoughts of revenge when you cross my mind. but i found the best revenge is a successful relationship with someone who loves me.

you see i realized that you are the loneliest man in the world. i was 1 of 8+ women that you preyed upon. and my good psychology degree leads me to believe that you are the one with no self esteem. you are the one who has never experienced love. you are the one who is so guarded that you won't take a risk and allow anyone to know you. so i am glad that you preyed on me, it has taught me a great lesson. showed me the signs of what not to accept from a man. when to ask questions and to always following my gut.

so predator, i pray that what you seek in life you find. because you have caused enough damage to enough women in the world. even though i sent you a few fuck yous, i was nice. there is going to be a chick out there who is not so nice. and if you aren't careful, you will lose your life over some pussy.

the chick who learned a lesson