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18 October 2015

The shop is closed

my plan was to write a blog about how i was unlikable, but my gay boyfriend convinced me not to. he told me that even though i WANTED to be unlikable, i was probably the most likable at this time. why am i so likable now? because i don't really care about anyone, but me and my time. i have spent an enormous amount of time worrying about other people and helping them get better while successfully ignoring myself.

well that part of my life is over. the shop is officially closed. i am no longer giving men prep courses so they can go off and be great with other women. i am giving no more advice on what women want and how to attract a certain type of attention. i have turned in my card that states i am a quality listener. i am doing none of that for anyone who is not my man. yep you heard right, Operation Get Chose is in full effect ... but not for a while.

see i have to fix me, so that i can be ready when i meet him. my best friend said i attracted broken men, but that was because i was broken too. birds of a feather feel most comfortable around one another. two broken folks looking to fix each other is the most exhausting task known to man. i am way too tired for my age. it is rest and relaxation time for me now. i am taking myself out of the game for my own good.

shop is closed son. i am not sure for how long. but there will be some remodeling and rearranging going on in the interim. hope to see some of you again one day.