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07 February 2009

big booty complex

the young lady in this picture is Buffie the Body. she is famous because she has a big ass. she has no special talent and no special skills. story is that she started out stripping and then became a booty model. she now has her own website ( and has a workout dvd called "Booty Nomics 101". all of this because she has a big ass.

white women all across america would cry if their asses were as big as hers, but black girls are looking to buy the dvd....NOW!!! we (black girls) have a complex, a big booty complex. flat booty black girls hit the stairmaster 5 days a week to build their booty muscles. the black girls with booty want to make it tighter and even bigger. we have learned the rewards that come along with booty. some chicks get diamonds and cars for the love of ass. and some of us just want a drink in the club. either way we are obsessed with the big booty.

i remember going out with my sister and pausing and looking at my ass in the mirror. i had started working out, doing the big booty exercises and wanted to make sure it was working. i even said to myself, "my booty looks good!"

so why do i need to have that nice round "onion" booty? is it similar to the 1700's when the fatter the person, the more wealthy they were? i'm not sure that big booty girls have more money, but they do have the opportunity to get it. i bet the big booty stripper does a booty clap here, a booty shake there and she is being rained on. whereas a smaller booty chick lap dances for 20 minutes to get 5 dollars. but i think i know the real reason why black girls want big booties.

big booty girls have more choices. black girls want the big booties, but dudes REALLY want the big booty. big booty girls have a variety of men to select from. the majority of men are ass men, so every type of guy will hit on a big booty girl. the baller, the broke dude, the geek, the frat boy, the old dude, everybody!!!!! who doesn't want a chance to choose? hell, how do you weed out who is good or bad if you have no selection? if big booty increases the pool, work the big booty!!!
so, ladies get your squats on and buy your Booty Nomics video today!!!

*this in no way is meant to offend those women with less cakes than others


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah...this is a blog I'm with. It took me 20 minutes to get past the pic so I guess everything you said is true. It's just something about it....that makes you want to hurt yourself until you can touch it. Do you remember Men In Black and how their whole universe was actually contained within a marble that some aliens were playing with? Well, the booty is like my whole world and I just wanna smack it....make it ripple like a tsunami.

Atisha said...

Buffie's booty is unreal!! And it really is unreal. But it has gotten her pretty far.

Jenna Marie Christian said...

She does have a lot of "TAIL"

I would like a rounder more sexy onion myself :-)

suga said...

lmao@ black yoda
This is so true though. There was a time when I lost a huge amount of weight, and when I'd run into old ex's the main thing out their mouth was "what happened to your ass? where'd it go?", with a look of disappointment. Nevermind that saying something like that is rude as hell...especially in the grocery store or church parking lot. lol

Needless to say, I got my booty back lol

Tiffany said...

Everyone should appreciate a nice round booty, but I have to say...I do not get the HUGE booty obsession, a la Buffie and Deelishis from Flavor of Love. I want my butt to look good naked, not just good in jeans! Good post.

AssertiveWit said...

Those who are actually born with ridiculous sized asses (at least the people I've talked to) have mentioned that while people (read: men) love to look at it, sometimes it is the biggest burden ever. Just like titties that are too big cause discomfort, so do asses. These girls are so fixated on appearance they don't care. I can't let my booty get a certain size because it feels like it's pulling on my back...oooo lawd the pain!

People always wanting what they aint got...LOL

Unknown said...

As a black women born with an SERIOUS donk, the booty has always been the subject of lots of commentary. No matter how much weight I've gained or lost over the years, my ass refuses to leave. It's inherited because asses run in my a major way. It wasn't, however until I moved to the ATL that I truly understood the appreciation (most) black men have for a big booty. One former boyfriend put it best, "when the ass to waist ratio is about 3:1, that's when you know you got the right size booty". Funny, right? Anyway, he also summized that the reason men are intrinsically drawn to big booties has everything to do with the instinct to procreate. Further, large bums, hips and thighs are directly correlated to carrying babies, in his estimation. Now, I'm not at all sure where he got his info, but he is definitely an ass connnoisseur...and he's given this lots of thought over the years. Even black men who love breasts, still want a juicy booty. So, as our blogger so astutely points out, big asses do offer you lots of choices. The problem for me is when men see you as only "the ass" some sort of new school Hottentot Venus. But, that's a whole different blog topic.

a black girl who did date said...

@ Andrea
Oh I have covered that topic in my "don't fetishize me" blog.

Unknown said...

Ok, cool. I'll check out that entry. This is Andrea Brown (Easterly) by the way. Great blog!

LaidyLike said...

I think I am blessed with pretty good genes, but I do wish my backside had a little more to offer! It's true I have this complex, the big booty is EVERYWHERE!!! I can't think of one rap artist who doesn't refer to the ASSets of Beyonce, Trina, & etc. Its sad but it is what it is. Hey check my blogger, I'm just starting off. Keep a look out on me, I'm tryin to get this together!!! God bless!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Lola Cola said...

I must say this blog is so tru, but women that have big booties really do have to face a lot of obstacles. Obstalces with men, clothes, business etc. I have a huge booty it's so big I named it "SHAE". It's so big its like its own person. Now, dont think I'm not grateful for the buns I was blessed with it just get in the way sometimes. Men are not the only ones who are admiring the booty women definitely try to poke the booty too just to see how real it is. It's not completely tru that big booties give u choices, becus i definitely haven't got a new car becuz of my big booty LOL. Seriously good blog

Anonymous said...

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