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09 February 2009

flirting for financial gain

i have always been an advocate for the art of flirting. and flirting for financial gain is the ultimate. men across the world are cussing me out right now, but they can do it too. let me explain my point before you jump down my throat.

once upon a time, i got my brakes fixed for $150 less than the total cost because i gave out my phone number. now that may not seem like much to some, but when you only have a few dollars you take any discount you can. now following the transaction, i endured a few phone calls and scheduled a dinner date. the date never happened because the manager of Just Breaks who gave me the discount couldn't find a lie that worked with his girlfriend. (yeah that was the same thing i was thinking) i am not an advocate for gold digging, but sometimes a little bartering is okay.

for example, if the girl at the grocery store likes my boyfriend and wants to give up some groceries; as long as i get to eat..... its all good! does that seem a little pimpish to you? i mean if i can smile and get a discount on my oil change, *cheese*!!!!!! i am cutting corners and taking handouts as they come. i don't want you all to brand me an opportunist but, we are in a recession. some people do take things a little far and exchange sexual favors for money and/or material things. the only exchanging i do is with my boyfriend. besides when you do that with a significant other, its called a relationship.

i write all this to say, their is nothing wrong with using your advantages to get some deep discounts. next time we go out, me and my advantages will get us drinks. *smile*

1 comment:

suga said...

brava! I totally agree. There's no telling how much $ I have saved by just smiling and laughing at a few jokes. Almost every cell phone bought and phone plan that I've signed up for has been halfway illegal due to its cheapness, but hey...if they were offering just to impress me to the point where I'd accept their phone number, there cant be anything wrong with that. lol Plus, I smile and laugh anyway, so it's not even like I have to go out of my way lol It's a win win situation, imo.