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11 May 2009

Goodbye Mr. Marcus

i was an innocent when i moved to Atlanta in 2000. i never thought i was an innocent, but one trip to the strip club and i knew i was one. my new friends were amazed that i had never seen a real porno in my 20-some years. the closest i had come to it were the soft core Skinemax flicks on cable. so for a birthday gift one year, my friend bought me a porn VHS tape (yes i am showing my age). the title of my video was Mr. Marcus' Neighborhood (the man in the above photo is Mr. Marcus, as if y'all did not know). i had always heard that guys in porn were unattractive, but Mr. Marcus was the exception. when i watched the video, i was amazed in a good way. so much so, i shared it with my friends. sadly one of those former friends walked away with my tape ( i know it was you Schalonda).

even after the tape was gone, i always spoke highly of the magnificence that was Mr. Marcus. i wanted all women who had never seen or heard of this man to SEE him at work. i never bought another tape but definitely recommended his work to anyone who would listen. after a few years, Mr. Marcus and i connected again. this time it was through the magic of Myspace. he was a part of my friend's list and frequently was listed in my top friends. people would laugh and make jokes about it and it was/is funny. but i now realize that i again have to lose Mr. Marcus.

i do not frequent Myspace like in the past because Facebook has taken over my life. when i do check my Myspace account, i go through my friend requests to see if someone from my past has found me. normally i get requests from bands, singers, rappers and djs. that is cool because i love music and i enjoy hearing new things. sprinkled through those couple of requests, i had some random men send me requests. i always inspect a page before i accept a new friend. the default pictures did not look familiar and when i clicked on their pages, i was disturbed. i saw more booty and breasts than should be allowed. i saw photos of people engaged in activities that i thought were banned on Myspace. i have always told people that if you try to friend me and your top friends are booties in thongs, you shall be denied. so i was denying all of these random requests. i was just confused as to why they were contacting me.

my default picture is one of my eye. i am not scantily clad on my page and the only skin shown is on my feet. so what was the connection between them and me? the last time i received a request from one of those dudes, i check to see if we had any mutual friends. and there he was smiling at me, Mr. Marcus. dayumit!!!!!! i am getting the "10 freaky girls" requests because i was on Mr. Marcus' friends list. so i had to make a decision and this is my farewell letter to Mr. Marcus. i must delete him to prevent some of the booty lovers from contacting me ( there is always one that contacts you).

so i say, Goodbye Mr. Marcus. you shall be missed.
*wipes a tear*