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03 September 2014

Dead Horse Beating: Size does matter

my homie saw a casual encounters ad on Craigslist that read something like this:
“Looking for real niggas with 10 inches or bigger. If you don’t have 10 inches don’t even holla at me.”

of course i am paraphrasing, but you get the gist.  we had been discussing women being size queens and this was his example of that very thing. i had some questions for the author of the ad, but alas it was removed when i went to respond. i don’t have 10 inches, so she probably would have cursed me out when i hit her up. so i chose to take my questions to Twitter expecting to get the most honest answers from my female followers. instead the crickets came out to play and no one even addressed my questions.

i would never insult the intelligence of my followers by asking if size matters. of course it matters. if it didn’t, men wouldn’t lie about their size and women wouldn’t be turn off by small peens. my inquiry was more about the exactness of penis length. women tend to throw out solid numbers.
“He was working with 9 inches”
“I’m sure he is 7.5 inches soft” 
those statements always puzzle me and here is why.  i don’t ever recall having sex with a man and pulling out a tape measure to determine his length. that would be a mood killer and i’m pretty sure that dude would be mad at me. so back to my question for the women, how do you know the exact length?

most women i know recognize three penis sizes: small, medium and large. no there is no extra-large, one is just bigger than the other. and my concern is that women who proclaim they only want the (insert number) inch wang will run off the (insert smaller number) inch wang dude.  super large peen is a novelty that belongs in porn and should be tried only once or twice. i know of NO woman who wants a 10 incher every night. it would kill any cooch if taken regularly. so the call for bigger peens is incorrect. what women want is bigger than what they have had in the past. so that is what they should say.

i am not going to meet a guy and say immediately,”If your dick ain’t 9 inches, I’m not fucking with you.” i want to see what he is working with. and there is nothing wrong with a fat 7 incher (girth is your friend ladies). it is all about realistic sexual expectations. the average size penis is 6 inches, so having Lexington Steele in the pants is not common. so if you want to wait around for those 9 or 10 inches, go right ahead. I will be working out all the “small” peens y’all passed up.

02 September 2014

Courting: A thing of the past?

when searching for images associated with courting, all i found were old ass paintings with men kissing women's hands, men giving women flowers or men giving women fruit. you know i exploded with laughter when i saw the pictures, but it let me know that courting is seen as an antiquated notion in relationships.

now why would a black girl that doesn't date be talking about courting? there is a particular group that believes the concept that dating and courting are two separate things. i believe that they are actually two steps in relationship establishment. but most of us skip the courting and go right into the dating part. think about how you met and hooked up with your last significant other. was there any courting involved? i can say none what so ever, hell there wasn't even any real dating. so when i get a glimpse into what courting is really about, i feel like i missed out on something.

i wanted to make sure that i knew what courting was, since i have been accusing every man i have dated of not comprehending what it entails. according to the interwebs, courting "is the period in a couple's relationship which precedes their engagement and marriage, or establishment of an agreed relationship of a more enduring kind." when i read this, i had better understanding of why dudes don't court so much. THAT SHIT SOUNDS SERIOUS!!! and most people are not trying to get married or even seriously date everybody that may peak their interest.  but that doesn't mean that people shouldn't get to know folks prior to doing whatever it is they do.

in my opinion, that is the biggest part of dating that is missing. people don't know the people that they are dating. let me ask you a question about the person that you are currently coupled with: what is your bae/boo/other half's greatest fear? i'll wait. i hope that more of you can answer that question than not. i decided my next time at the rodeo, i want to get to know my bucking bronco well before i sign up for the ride. so i need to learn this whole courting process, so i can make my intentions known in the beginning.

i started this blog entry with the idea of discussing courting, but i realized that i don't know enough about it to argue a point. so maybe this blog is a declaration of sorts for me. it allows me to put it out that there: i would prefer to be courted. if you don't know how, it doesn't seem hard to learn. i will even learn about it myself, to make sure it is done correctly. *winks* 

**this blog is for potential suitors. when you shot your shoot, have steady hands, aim correctly and make sure your legs are good.