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14 April 2008


i have recently had some thoughts that should be shared with everyone. they have been floating around my mind for a while, so today i have decided to spit them out. let us begin!

1. to all my big girls, stilettos have a weight limit. if i see another plus sized woman walking like her toes are broken or walking on the side of her shoes, i am going to shoot her in the knee. i am not a small girl and have never been but there are some things that i know that most of you all must not have been told. i know stilettos are sexy and you want to feel sexy but that is not the way. why not try a cute wedge heel? that has much more support for all that extra weight. i am just trying to prevent a broken ankle or a stumble in the club when you are trying to be cute.

2. parents stop telling your little boys to man up. unless your son is over the age of 16, you should never utter these words to him. i know it is cool to use slang so that you can relate to your children, but let your kid be a kid. the problem with children today is that they are exposed to adult situations far too early in their development. they never get to enjoy their childhood. so just because you did not get to be a kid, don't punish your child.

3. moms stop telling your daughters to date a man with money. he can be rich but if he has no character, she will still be unhappy. instead of having them focus on monetary and material items, tell your daughters to look a little deeper. hell a pimp has money but you don't want your daughter to get with him! she will spend so much time following money that she will miss out on what is important to maintain a relationship. i know you don't want her to struggle but teach her to make her own money not look for a man's money.

4. young ladies it is okay to not have sex if you don't want to have it. if you are not ready, if you are not feeling him in that way, don't let him pressure you into it. nothing he can say or do will affect you like the feeling you have when you do something that you don't want to do, especially sexually. it is okay to be the only one not having sex. the guys might be mad at you and that guy you really like might lose interest, but remember if he really liked you he would respect your wishes. i know that sounds preachy, but there is a reason 1 in 4 young girls have an STD. don't be a statistic.

5. young men having sex with lots of girls doesn't make you a man. you are male because you have a penis, but giving it to every girl in the neighborhood doesn't make you man. it just means that you are more likely to get an STD than those guys who have had less sex. responsibility, maturity and respect come to mind when i think of men. since you probably live with your mom, are still in the 10th grade and get "respect" by beating up people, you can't be a man in my opinion.

6. if your opinion of Barack Obama changes based on his latest comments, you never were on board to begin with. politics is a dirty business and the media will make things sound and seem worse than they really are. at this point my faith has not wavered, i hope yours hasn't either.

that is all i have on my mind right now. i promise more later.