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22 September 2015

Bad Real Bad .. Michael Jackson

do you remember the long version of the BAD video? Remember how Michael Jackson yelled at Wesley Snipes because he no longer wanted to be bullied into committing a crime? Mike got loud with Wes.


yeah i had that moment. i was in no way being pressured to rob an old lady, but i had so much on my chest that when it was time to let it go.. it went off like a cannon. i hate when that happens, but lately it is the regular. let me set the scenario.

young lady and young man are dating. young lady is concerned about the previous woman that the young man was dealing with. she continually questions him. because he and the previous woman maintain something that is supposed to be a friendship, he tells her about his relationship dramas. previous woman is annoyed by the young lady's accusations. so in an effort to console and express her annoyance, she says to the young man"

"Why is she worried about me? WE ARE NOTHING!"

did you figure out who i was in the scenario?

now that is not the best thing to say to someone who you are trying to establish a friendship with. but i am a Sagittarius and we tend to be blunt when we say things. understand when i said it, i felt a sharp pain in my chest and that shit hurt. but i sometimes say things aloud so that i understand my current situation. i use really hurtful terms, so that i don't get all sentimental and gooey about what was and i focus on actuality.

so what i said was true. there is NOTHING between us that she needs to be concerned about. fuck, i don't even know what is between us, but i should be of no concern to her. i gave him some advice that i think everybody can benefit from. when your significant other isn't secure about their place in your life, they will act out, be jealous and not trust you. so it is your job to make that person feel like no one else could take their place. it is very easy to remedy.

i am still working through some issues in my situation. as i do the work, i have to reassure myself that it will make me a better person. you might read about me doing something that is in direct contradiction with my "get my shit together" efforts, but remember i am human. just take into consideration that you will get to read my random ass posts as i navigate the relationship world. right now, i am about to watch this Michael Jackson "Bad" video and giggle to myself as he sons Wesley Snipes.