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11 September 2007

community dick - have you had some?

i think that most of you know what community dick is and have probably have had your share. but for those who don't completely understand, i will give a brief description. you know that guy that slept with you, your cousin, your best friend's sister and three of your co workers? that guy is/has community dick. he feels that he has to share his penis with everyone. but everyone doesn't always know they have been made a part of a community. and when they find out normally all hell breaks loose, but my story is just a tad bit different.
i met a guy who seemed awfully nice. he was a great listener and we had loads of fun together. he understood that i had been celibate for several years and that he was the victim i chose to take all of my frustrations out on. i had just one stipulation, i did not want to share my piece with anyone else. no i didn't want him to be my man, but i was very careful of who i bumped uglies with. i was disease free and i wanted it to stay that way. in my mind you limit the number of partners you raw dog with and you're doing a good job. he agreed to my stipulation and i agreed to his request to remain hush about our situation. now i know that would raise red flags in other people's minds, but this dude was a super geek with little to no social skills, i was not the least bit alarmed. we had mutual friends (HA!) and he did not want others in OUR business. that made perfect sense to me. so we did our thing and it was cool. then one day i caught wind of a story about my sex buddy. something about him making cheese eggs for another girl. that story led me to believe that he spent the night at her house giving her the business. when asked about it, he laughed it off saying "she is a trip. she was just playing." my woman's intuition knew better than to believe that lame ass lie. so i decided to slowly step away from the penis. he didn't seem to notice, but the sex was less frequent and i was less interested. i recall one time he spent a weekend with me and his cell phone kept ringing, but he would not answer it. i was done being nice at that point.
ME: "someone is really trying to get in contact with you."
HIM: "it ain't nobody."
ME : "how about this, you either answer it or turn it off."
he decided to turn off the phone. but the bridge was burnt and we were done. after i was finished with him was when i started to hear more stories. the threesome with two best friends, the 3 different girls in one night at the same hotel, the crossing state lines to knock boots, and so on and so on. i ran straight to the doctors office for a hiv (pronounced h-iv) test. i could not believe that i had become part of a community, a community of women who had been lied to and shared one dick. ewwwwww, even the thought of it now makes me cringe.
Ladies please don't be like me. don't make assumptions, always ask questions, and tell other women. see i kept quiet and i am sure 15 more women have become a part of the community. this is my public service announcement. if you ask me his name I swear i will tell you. i have to do my part.


Unknown said...

don't sleep on us geeks. that should be the moral.... trust...

Anonymous said...

C'mon now, you can't honestly tell me that you initiated a purely sexual relationship with a man and expected that he was somehow a totally honest upstanding guy who just happened to be down to be your fuck buddy. Decent guys don't usually do the FWB thing because they don't like being used just like women don't. Scandalous is as scandalous does. I get that some people want no-strings-attached sex but when you set up a situation like that, the likelihood of dirt being done is pretty high. The excuse that "we're not in a relationship so why you mad?" doesn't have a lot of good comebacks.