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01 September 2007

he called you ugly but you still had sex with him

the title alone says enough. it always strikes me strange when women entertain or get involved with men who mistreat them. i am not talking about an abusive situation but the dude who wasn't feeling you when you first met him. you saw him and thought he was aiight looking, but he paid you no attention. when people asked him what he thought about you, he said "she looks like a swampdonkey". you were not interested in him, but your feelings were hurt by the comments. so when you see him again you have an opportunity to confront him about his comments, but you have a change of heart when he buys you a drink.

after a few too many, you find yourself in bed with the insulter. the next morning after the sex, he still thinks you are a swamp donkey but doesn't tell you that, he just tells your friends behind your back. now what do you do? absolutely nothing. you actually are cordial with him when you see him a third time.

why would you even acknowledge his presence after the incident? i have two words for you, lowered expectations. what makes a woman decide that she can't get anybody else, that she has to settle? i know when people tell you negative things repeatedly, you start to believe them. but lets be logical for just a moment. if you bumped someone accidentally in the grocery store and they called you a bitch, you wouldn't ask them to dinner the next time you saw them, would you? of course you wouldn't. so why place yourself in any type of cordial or compromising position with someone who called you a "swampdonkey"?

if you don't feel good about you, the thought of someone wanting you makes you feel better (momentarily). but with beer goggles on, everybody looks better and you love everybody. but next time love yourself enough to cuss that bitch ass dude out and put him in his place.

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