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21 August 2007

sistah gotta eat

if anybody knows me, they know what this phrase means. and if they are a single woman I have said this to them plenty. i started this blog because i truly believe that black girls don't date, but if you want to start, "sista gotta eat" is one of the basic rules. i always ask my single girlfriends if they are hungry. of course they look at me crazy and i ask a second time. most of the time they say yes. so when a decent looking brother, who doesn't call you "shawty", has all of teeth and can complete a sentence asks you to dinner, if you're hungry you should go. when you decide to attend dinner with a young man, that is all you are agreeing to; dinner. and that is all we should be focused on; the meal. we as women over think the whole scenario. we start imagining how the next date is going to go, how he will be as a father, will your mom like him and 15 other things that have nothing to do with food. our main focus should be what type of restaurant is it, what am going to order, will there be a long wait and am I doing chicken or fish. dating is not that complicated, people make it complicated. if you just want nice conversation and a good meal, give a dude a chance. and if things don't work between you and the guy, at least you had a good meal.

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