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01 August 2007

run them all away

this is a game that women play all too often. let me set the stage for you. quantanitra has been dating daveyon for about 2 years. she has been suspicious of some of his extracurricular activities, but has not found any solid proof. she scrolls through his phone casually and sees several calls from the same number. well in quantanitra's mind, the best way to find out who the number belonged to was to call. one day when daveyon was not around she calls the number and finds alazia on the other end. according to alazia, she had been dating daveyon for about 10 months. quantanitra was furious but never let on to daveyon that she was angry. she also could not let him find out that she had called alazia. the two women were very secretive about their conversations. when daveyon would leave one girl, she would call the other. they compared notes and decided when they were going to confront daveyon. once the confrontation was over, daveyon would be all alone (yeah right). but what alazia didn't know was that quantanitra had her own plan. a few weeks later, the ladies had their confrontation and both girls dumped daveyon. alazia and quantanitra did not have too much more to say to one another so they also parted ways. i mean what did they really have to talk about now that daveyon was out of the picture, so alazia thought. you see after the confrontation, quantanitra was still communicating with daveyon. she gave him a hard time and made him grovel a bit, but quantinitra knew from the beginning that she was not going anywhere. she just needed to run alaiza away.

i have seen women do this so often that it is a shame. the goal is to have the man all to themselves. so she will sit with the "other" women and talk shit about the man. she will participate in whatever the plot is to get back at him, but her heart is really not in it. the goal is for her to make sure the "other" women are turned off, disgusted and completely done with the man. and most of the time it works. the "other" women are so angry because they were lied to that they never see that sneaky chick coming. most of the time the guy isn't worth holding on to, but the deception of sisterhood is the double whammy. women need to stop betraying each other for the love of the penis. i promise there is another one around the corner.

MORAL: ladies beware of the chick that leads the charge on a revenge plot, she still want that dude. she just doesn't want you to want him.

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