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25 January 2010

Man Hungry

Andy wanted to talk to his girlfriend Ann about their relationship. Andy was not being stimulated mentally by Ann, which in turn made him not stimulated sexually. he decided that it was time to move on so that both parties could find people who were more compatible. even though it would be hurtful to Ann, Andy knew it was the right thing to do. he didn't want to be a cheater, so he decided to be honest. his actions were definitely admirable, but her reaction was just desperate. Ann decided that Andy could see other women if he needed sex just as long as he took care of home. pump the brakes Ann!!! Andy was immediately turned off by her response, further pushing him away.

i titled this blog man hungry because that was what i thought when i heard Ann & Andy's story. Ann wanted a man so bad that she was willing to allow him to go outside the relationship. normally i would go on a tirade about young women and wanting to please men, blah blah blah. Ann happens to be a single mother in her late 30's, so that theory doesn't work in this scenario. as the story was being relayed to me by a friend, i was so very concerned for Ann's well being because she was selling her self short. she was willing to do anything to keep that man 'cuz she was man hungry. let me try an explain the man hungry concept.

when i am hungry, i pretty much will eat whatever is in front of me so as to not be hungry anymore. so when a woman is man hungry, she will accept just about anything as not to be alone anymore. Ann is man hungry, so much that since this conversation with Andy she has acted as if nothing was ever discussed. *smh*

the problem with dating nowadays is that there are too many Ann's in the world, hungry for men. men get the notion that all women are hungry and treat them as such. when they encounter a woman that is not hungry, their regular game plan does not garner the wanted results. then these men have to actually do some work to gain/maintain the attention and they no likey. so my goal is to eliminate all man hungry women. there is a method to my madness. if the hungry women are murked then dudes will be forced to step their game up. you see where i'm going with this?

i am asking all ladies to give their girlfriends tough love and tell them about themselves. if they are looking a little hungry, let them know. please don't support their foolish attempts to accept anything that is offered. sometimes we don't want to hurt peoples feelings, but i am giving you permission to go hard in the paint on your friends feelings. i am hoping that i can get in touch with Ann to school her so she doesn't pass her hunger down to her young daughter.