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16 July 2011

I want to be dainty, but the world won't let me...

when you hear the word dainty, what comes to mind? for me: small things, fragile items, things that should be handled with care. the true definition of the word is "of delicate beauty; exquisite." now my idea of dainty and the definition are not related in any way. but based on what the media associates with daintiness, has led me to believe that i will never be dainty no matter how hard i try.

see i went to finishing school to learn proper etiquette and to soften the rough edges my parents saw developing. i was taught how to put on make up, how to walk in heels, the correct way to cross my legs and which fork is the salad fork. i was only 13, but learning those things made me feel ultra feminine and all ladylike. i've retained all that info, but i learned that the world would never truly let me be the dainty lady that was inside. here are a few reasons why:

1. i wear a size 10.5 shoe - that officially makes me big foot in the world of ladies. my feet are suppose to be small and tiny. and all of my shoes should be little and cute.

2. i'm 5'10"- anyone over 5'2" cannot be dainty. it seems that us tall chicks have a case of elephantitis, big asses, big legs, big breasts, all of it too large. think the beginning of Sir Mix-a -lot's "Baby got Back".

3. my hair is natural - natural meaning there is no weave, no relaxer, no ultra perm. the wind doesn't make my hair blow. my hair is curly, but not soft big curls that most people want. my hair is tightly coiled and stays mostly in an afro. definitely not a delicate ideal.

4. i'm over 125lbs - i picked that number because when i've watched America's Next Top Model, the 5'10" women over 125 are plus sized. WTF??!! yeah i'm plus sized but realistically plus sized.

5. i know how to change a tire - my dad, a mechanic, taught me when i took my car to college. i couldn't count on someone coming to my rescue. i had to know how to handle my own business.

that is just a short list of quirks that make me a non-dainty woman. that is also a short list of things that tug at my insecurities. believe me i don't want to be that insecure chick who compares herself constantly to those "dainty" ladies. but even a boulder starts to crack if you bash it enough over time. but i've decided that i don't need the word dainty. there are better words to describe what i am. and with the help of the thesaurus, i've compiled a list.
  • delectable
  • delicious
  • elegant
  • graceful
  • superior
  • rare
  • pure
  • refined
as i type, the words have already made me feel better. dainty can go to hell. this rare and elegant lady will stomp out that word gracefully with her size 10.5 stiletto. you other non-dainty women please feel free to join me.

*rant over*