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20 January 2009

The Demon of Lust

i know the title sounds like the scripture for Sunday morning church service, but i feel the need to share with my people. i have a problem. my friends laugh at me and tell me i need help, but my problem is uncontrollably. my problem is men and my love for them. yes i have a boyfriend and love him dearly, but there are others that i can i say this.......the lust for these men is overwhelming.

the man in the above picture is Larry Fitzgerald. if you do not watch professional football, the name will not ring any bells. if you watch the NFL but are not a fan of the Arizona Cardinals, you might know him. i knew of Larry when he played college ball at the University of Pittsburgh. he was drafted and earned me a few wins during my fantasy football days. this season i had to focus on the Arizona Cardinals because my team did not make the playoffs (i still love you New England). Larry had fantastic games and he was looking kind of cute. but it was that suit he had on after the game that skyrocketed his stock through the roof (his perfect set of teeth did not hurt either). so i was hooked by Sunday night and now i have all types of pictures of this man on my computer. i am gushing every time he comes across my TV screen. i even said aloud to my boyfriend, " back in the day, i would have rented a car and drove to Tampa for the Super Bowl....wheeeeeeew "(c) Ric Flair!!! i have a problem.

this is not the first time my demon has reared its ugly head. i have successfully made my boyfriend think i would leave him for 50 cent, if the situation presented itself. c'mon y'all when am i ever going to meet that dude, NEVA EVAH!!! but i have gone one and on about his life, his movies, his TV show (that was cancelled), his baby mama and little Marquise so much that it became intimidating. since i have met celebrities in the past and had very positive interactions with them, it seems like an incident waiting to happen. but that is not the case, its just a bad case of lust. it comes and goes like a bad cold sore. if you ask my friends they can roll off names of the men i have lusted after, some well known and some very obscure.

Here are few examples:
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - not only is he on my desktop at home but i have seen every movie he has ever the theatre. yeah most of them have been bad, but he makes up for it with a shirtless scene here and there.

Leonard Peters - Played pro ball for a hot minute and was a standout @ University of Hawaii, he is just fine nothing else

Troy Polamalu - this gentleman plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers and is talented, ask his opponents. besides that he also is extra gorgeous.

as you can see there is a theme running with these guys, the island of Samoa. i had never seen one (a Samoan) until The Jets came on the scene. i told my boyfriend if he ever took me back to his native state of California, we might have some problems. but before the brothers get their panties in a bunch, i lust for y'all too. like Larry, i have some favorite chocolate drops. take your pick: Idris Elba, Fif, Willie McGinest, Mike Vick.

so i say all that to say......i have some good ass taste in men!!!! LOL!!!! no seriously, i feel like i was a man in my previous life and now it has carried over into this life. i have always stuck by the philosophy, "just because i am on a diet does not mean i cannot look at the menu". i am in no way pursuing these men and they do not effect my current relationship, so a little bit of lust is aiight......sometimes.


AssertiveWit said...

whatever helps you sleep at night hahahahahahahaha

a black girl who did date said...

Don't hate on my philosophy!!!! lol!!!

Anonymous said...

I have nothing to add to this blog.
Riley (Boondocks) "You making me feel uncomfortable." :-)

KnitFloozy said...

I feel you on the Rock!!!! He is a beautiful speciman of a man....and his perfect set of teeth don't hurt eithers. he's that guy you put on a pedastal and look at all day.

a black girl who did date said...

@ black yoda
I promise that I will not exploit you at any time during our friendship. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

You know what, rarely do I come across a chic with the same taste as can definitely hook me up anytime! Nice blogs...I'mma chill up in here for a while...

ChiChi said...

I'm saying, though...what's wrong with looking? Especially if you'll be the "recipient of it" (c) Martin later on that night...LOL

a black girl who did date said...

@ Cheron
Thank you and I loooooove too hook people up!!!

suga said...

Yeah, I be lustin' too. I had a dream about David Banner that was so real that now, whenever his music pops up on the iPod, my boo gets pissed. lol Mumblin' under his breath and stuff lol

favorisntfair said...

I swear that lust will get you everytime. I swear there are several men in my little 27 years that have had me thinkong some kind of unGodly way. I stay asking for forgiveness for my lustful thoughts...and then I commence to thinking them again...what a vicious!

Eb the Celeb said...

We ha might have to duke it out over 50 and