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23 March 2015

What had happened was ....

no this is not my mugshot. i have not ever been arrested (yet), but you never know what will happen when someone has been pushed. this is Erica Palmer and she had reached her limit with the father of her children and she was arrested for attacking him. the victim is Erik Walden of the Indianapolis Colts and is the only reason that this is even "news".

what we know so far about the incident is that Erica suspected that Erik was seeing another woman. she and her homie did a stakeout and caught him with said woman. Erica successfully broke the arm of the other woman with a baseball bat, wrestled with Erik over his gun and escaped out the door. her best bet at this time was to run and hide, skip town or whatever. not Erica, she was just getting started.

as Erik drove his new boo to the hospital, this woman in the above photo ran from the woods toward the vehicle and slashed Erik's arm with a knife. TALK ABOUT DETERMINATION. she really wanted to hurt this dude. i applaud her strength and willingness to catch a charge to harm Mr. Walden. i am not about that life.

most people will just label her a crazy black woman and let the story die, but this happens more often than it actually should.  it would be in our best interest to examine the factors that led to her losing her shit and how we as a community can avoid these incidents in the future.

first let's examine the facts.
  1. Erica Palmer is the mother of Erik Walden's children. she has two kids with this man.
  2. Erik Walden plays professional football for the Indianapolis Colts. he has played ball since 2008 consistently on several different teams. 
  3. Erica had access to the home Erik was in and had knowledge of where he kept his gun.
those are pretty much all the facts. no one has spoke on Erica & Erik's relationship status, Erik's relationship with the other woman and how the drama all started. so everything i say moving forward is pure speculation. my thoughts are based on similar situations that i have seen and a bit of logical deduction. so here are my assumptions:
  • Erika has been with Erik for a long time. she was fine with having kids with him prior to marriage because he was making good money and he could always take care of his kids.
  • because she had invested a good amount of time in this relationship, Erika was very territorial when it came to Erik.
  • he played ball in several different cities and Erika did not live in any of those cities. she stayed in one location to give the children a sense of stability. again that was not an issue because Erik was taking care of the family financially.
  • there was something different about this side chick than the others. this is not the first time that Erik has strayed outside of their relationship. but he brought this young lady to his home state to their house. the house Erika and the kids stayed in with Erik.
so now that we have my speculation along with the facts, let's get to real cause of the incident. i have said it before and i hear it all the time, HONEST COMMUNICATION is key. there is a disconnect with Erik and Erica. i have no idea what was said between this couple, but obviously Erica and Erik were not on the same page. you see relationships only make sense to the people that are involved in them. there will be several think pieces written about domestic violence, mental health issues in the black community, women should not play house without a ring, etc. but NO ONE knows what happened prior to that incident. and most of us wouldn't care if this was Day Day from around the way, but there is NFL money involved so we are intrigued.

i hope that Erica doesn't have to go upstate because of an assault charge and i pray that they can come to some kind of agreement so co-parenting can occur without any further assaults. most importantly, i hope the children are safe & people will stop talking about other folks relationships.

*please understand this whole blog was written "tongue in cheek"

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Naturally Alise said...

communication saves lives...