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24 June 2007

beware of the man from God

most women have particular characteristics that they want in a man. he should be tall, good looking, a great lover, have nice car and a good job (at least that is what the lists mostly sound like to me). despite the different things on the list there is one consistent item on the list, the man must be god fearing. now my list was a little more open minded. i just wanted someone to go to church with me when i felt like going to church (which really isn't enough). so women are looking for that man with a spiritual connection. but i say beware because some guys like to play man of God. it is not nice, but it does happen. you know i have a story......

in my early 20's, i had my own list of particulars that i looked for in a man. since i am 5'10, of course i wanted him to be tall. i was working and i wanted him to be working. i was a recent college graduate and i wanted him to at least be in school. and you know i wanted him to go to church with me if i asked. so my list was short compared to other lists i had seen. at my workplace, i met some guys but none really met the criteria. i used to work in the mall and i met plenty of men all the time. so it wasn't strange when i met the man from God at my job. he was 6'10" (tall), he was a teacher (job) and he was working on his second degree from NSU (jackpot). so why would i not give him my phone number when he asked. he was in the mall looking for a cd after a pick up game of basketball (that explained his bad sweat outfit) and said he would call me later that night. he kept his word and we spoke for a while trying to get to know each other better. come to find out, we had met each other years ago when we were in high school. so we planned on going to the movies with a couple of my friends. i needed my girls there just in case this dude wanted to act crazy. i drove that evening because that is my rule on first dates. i take my car because if you want to act a fool i can put you out of MY car. when i picked him up, i noticed his outfit was not to my liking but a man's dress can be eventually be changed (i was really terrible). on the way to meet my friends, our conversation was good and we were vibing. he was very attentive and that was the first time i ever had a guy do that. it was nice. when my friends saw the man from God they did not say much but i knew when they got me alone the interrogation would begin. we were going to the movies to see "The Preacher's Wife". again at the theatre my date was very attentive, but he was a tad more aggressive with his attentions. for example, i went to the restroom during the movie and when i returned he proceeded to tell me i was rude for not telling him where i was going. huh? i did excuse myself and say i would be back. i guess i was not specific enough for him. that was the first red flag but i let it go when he asked me the million dollar question.

"will you go to church with me one Sunday?"
i swear i heard angels sing. of course i would oblige that request, it made my list complete. so despite the warnings i felt and the critiques from my friends, i was going to proceed with developing this relationship. after the movie was over, we made our way back to his house and he spoke of possibly going into the ministry. i could be the first lady of a church, so i thought. but i was getting way ahead of myself. he again was being attentive and asked if i had a good time. and i enjoyed his company and had a nice time. but that would soon change. my date decided to wave the biggest red flag i had ever seen or heard.

"you know i believe that God sent you into my life an we were meant to be together."
i smiled and started to sweat. they were going to find my body on the side of the interstate. what he said was truly sweet but that is not 1st date conversation. even if he truly felt that way, save it for when you are about to get on one knee and propose. i knew after that statement that i could not date this guy. and after i had such a good time. when i dropped him off at his house, he wanted to seal the evening with a kiss. *ugggh* i gave him a peck and promised to call when i got home. i did call and kept the convo to a minimum. i then proceeded to avoid his calls for the next couple of days. i was in a panic because he knew where i worked. a confrontation at my job would not be good way for me to maintain my paycheck. so i had to come up with a story to tell this guy.
the night came that I made the phone call. i told the man from God that it wasn't fair for me to start a new relationship when i still had feelings for my ex. the story wasn't too made up, i still was in love with someone and getting with dude was not going to change that. this meek, humble man from God did not handle the news to well. he proceeded to curse me out, told me i was going to be alone forever and i should stop holding on to dreams. *shakes my head* i had one question for him.
"are you done?"
i thought i would never hear from him again, but he continued to call after that. he even found out where my mother worked and asked her what he could do get me back. my mother even told me to call him. i think she was smoking that day. needless to say i heard stories of other women he stalked around town and sexual harassment on his job. i got off easy.

MORAL: expression of grandiose emotions on the first date is never a good look


Christ Couture Girl said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love you this is funneeeeeeeee!!

Anonymous said...

MORAL: expression of grandiose emotions on the first date is never a good look

!!!SAY THAT!!!

thx 4 this post..