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22 June 2007

baby mama haters - PLEASE don't date him

lots of people are against dating men or women that have children. i personally don't have a problem with it, but most of the guys that i have dated with kids were baby mama haters. what is a baby mama hater? he is the guy who can't stand/despises/hates the mother of his children. this is often demonstrated by his comments about her or actions that will hurt the baby mama and inadvertently hurt the child.

the first baby mama hater I came across was.....we will call him stallion (wow). he and his baby mama (a former classmate) dated for some time and then she got pregnant. i am not sure when they broke up or what the circumstances were behind the break up, but neither of them were fond of the other anymore. so to get back at his baby mama for being such a "bitch", stallion decided he would never get a job. his logic was if i have no job the "bitch" can get none of my money. true but dumbASS neither can the baby. stallion had some things going on, but when i heard his logic on child support and how he was making the baby suffer, he was no longer of interest to me.

 the second baby mama hater i encountered was real special. he was a poet and really sweet to me, but he withheld vital information. we had been growing acquainted with one another for about 2 months when he dropped the bomb on me. he so casually mentioned to me that he had 2 kids. i did not have a problem with the kids, but i found it strange that he did not mention it before. i felt that as a proud father, he would at least acknowledge his children. but then he went into the story of how his "whore bitch" of a baby mama had custody and how he didn't even think the little boy was his. he also was not paying the "whore bitch" any child support under the guise that they might not be his kids. are you kidding me? my interest in him waned shortly thereafter.

what both of these men did not know (or bother to ask) was that my mother was a single parent for quite some time. i love my father, but i did not see a lot of him when i was younger. and i was definitely not interested in dating a dude who would be so selfish to deny a child because they wanted some "get back".

the last baby mama hater was a trickster. he had a great relationship with his kid and enjoyed all the time he spent with her. but again when it came to his baby mama, she was the "skank" that was started acting "crazy" while she was pregnant. i again did not know her story, but they all have 2 sides. and even though he paid child support, he failed to realize that his contempt for the "skank" would and could be perceived by the young child. he lost mad cool points for that.

so ladies be careful when you are dating the baby mama hater. because imagine if in the heat of passion with said man that condom were to burst. dayum now you are the baby mama and guess what he is going to hate you too.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the advice. So noted....