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19 June 2007

how i ruined the chances of a second date

he was cute......real cute. nice and chocolate like i like. he was taller than me and had a nice body. he had a full time gig and a side hustle and he wanted to take me out. i was flattered and excited at the same time. i had not been in ATL long and he was one of the first guys i met. malik was his um um.....he was real cute. my friends made fun of me because he sold t-shirts as a side gig, but at least he had that entrepreneur spirit in him. more than i can say for my lazy friends. anyway we planned on meeting for drinks @ TGIFriday's near my job (RIP Wherehouse Music). it was too busy, so he wanted to take me to a spot near his house (i bet) called Barnacle's. when i planned for the evening i wanted to be as cute as possible, so i had to minimize some things. my jeans got tighter, my purse got smaller and i was ready to bat my eyes just enough to entice him to see me again. things were going great, dinner was nice and his hugs were fabulous. i found out later that his kisses were even better. during the evening, we played video games and had quite the competition going. he had run out of quarters and he asked me for change. this is when i had my open mouth insert foot moment.

" i didn't bring my wallet."

the look on his face let me know that he was confused about my statement. it wasn't that i had no money, i was armed with my trusty checkcard. i just did not have my wallet full of change. but it was too late, i sounded like a chick that expected him to pay for everything. that wasn't the case, i can pay for stuff if he wanted me to, but alas never had that chance. after that lovely night things fizzled between me and the chocolate boy wonder. *sigh*

MORAL: think before you speak......and imagine how what you say sounds to your date


Bookeeka123 said...

You are always to keep two emergency quarters in your grannies old school safe place

godivabap said...

WORD UP bookeeka123! I clicked on comments to leave this very same statement. Always have 2 quarters, even in the age of cellphones, Lord only knows what can happen. 50 cents in twin cities bank could save you a world of inconvenience.