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24 September 2007

its the good looks that get'em

i try in all my efforts not to judge people based solely on their looks. but i am human and love a fine guy just as much as the next woman. i considered the men that i have been involved with to be somewhat attractive, but not male model fine. i have always had a problem with pretty boys and conventional good looks. i prefer my men sexy and sexy doesn't always equal attractiveness. i have a good friend who is exceptionally attractive and when women see him they instantly swoon. i grew up with him so i remember him being awkward and chubby. but at some point he hit puberty and grew facial hair, filled out and grew 8 inches. women find him so attractive now that they say things like this to me:
"who is that muthafucka right there?"
"girl, whatever issues you all have had with one another, i think you need to work through them immediately."
it makes me laugh hysterically, but i love to see how people react when they see him. okay let me get back on topic. usually when i meet fine it comes with my good friend dumb. i have a very low tolerance for stupidity and how fine he is doesn't make up for it. i have tried and each time i tried i couldn't continue to try when i knew his looks were the only thing keeping me there. i met this one young man with a body that wouldn't quit, but he was dumb as rocks. now that did not stop me from fornicating with this gentleman, but when my best friend asked me why i was not dating him, i gave her this answer:
"he is dumb as shit and we can't even have a conversation, that's why."
we got a good laugh out of it and then i realized how guys date pretty dumb girls. those people do serve some purpose. the sex was good but the conversation was like pulling out teeth with a rusty spoon. what i want people to stop doing is trying to build a relationship on attractiveness alone. because after you get tired of looking at him, what is going to keep you there? i know that LL Cool J's wife gets tired of him from time to time (even though he is fine as all outdoors).

hopefully people will learn to focus on the inside and not the outward appearance when it comes time to selecting a mate. too many times people get involved with folks for all the wrong reasons and most of them start with the physical appearance of their mate. i love the phone calls i get from my friends when they meet a new guy.
"girl he was so fine. he had good hair and light eyes."
"so what does he do for a living?"
"i don't know, being fine."
okay i am exaggerating but sometimes we let people get away with murder because they look so good. people will put up with more drama from someone fine than that ordinary looking dude. and you ask why and they will tell you out right:
'he's an asshole but he look so good it make me love his asshole attitude."
"i am not putting up with this mess from him, he ain't even all that fly."
it all comes back to the same thing, how attractive he is. the world is a shallow place. look at all the makeover shows, beauty contests, and shows on body image. we are obessessed with the good looks. but please know good looks get you far but not far enough.

MORAL: see with ya heart and not ya eyes people.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

then again, we don't go out and say "that person seems to have a good personality, let me holla at her..."