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26 September 2007

cheap vs. broke

look at the options we have here today. we have the broke versus the cheap. i know most women cringe when they hear the word broke. and put that in front of the word brother and we have a major issue. most women would love to come up by meeting a baller. that baller subsequently falls in love with the woman and takes care of her and their child. eventually they divorce, but he has to pay her alimony to sustain a certain

for her and the child. yes i am exaggerating but what woman do you know that would not have a problem with that scenario.
my sister told me that she was tired of only meeting broke guys. i told her i would take a broke one over a cheap one any day. she looked at me strange and laughed. it doesn't sound right but you have to look at the circumstances of a broke man versus those of a cheap man. i have dated them both and i can say the broke man is a better candidate. ladies please don't throw tomatoes at me before i have a chance to explain myself. i will share with you the story of the "short short 2 minute" man. based on his name alone, he already didn't have too much going for him, but to top if off he was cheap. the perfect example of his cheapness came in the form of a cassette single (yes i said cassette and i know i'm showing my age).
ss2m and i had been seeing each other for about 4months and it seemed that things were solid between us. but we were about to have a monumental disagreement because he was a cheap ass. ss2m and i decided to go shopping one afternoon after lying around his house for hours. tyrone (reference Erykah Badu's tune) was going with us that afternoon so he could get his shop on also. i played the part of chauffeur and believe i was only invited along because i had the only car in working order. so we hopped in the Sunseeker and headed for the mall. ss2m was a fan of labels and proceeded to try and buy the entire polo section. after his spending spree in polo, we rode over to planet music (i see you VA) to pick up some tunes. we just happened run into my mortal enemy (remember this person) and ss2m decided to have a conversation with her, which didn't sit well with me at all. i wasn't about to play nice and i didn't want any assault charges, so i went on my way through the store seeing what new music had been released. when ss2m was ready to check out, i ran across a cassette single that i wanted. the price of the cassette single was $.99. ss2m knew i put my last $5 in my gas tank so that he could go shopping, so i asked could he pick up the cassette single for me. i figured that he could spot me a dollar since i did drive and had been sexing him for 4 months. i couldn't have been more wrong. do you know this fool threw a fit and got loud with me at the register? he kept saying he couldn't believe that i was asking him to spend money on me. are you kidding me? i couldn't even muster words for what was going on in front of me. i looked at tyrone and said:
"let's go."
that's right, i was driving and now ss2m had no ride. tyrone and i walked to my car, i started it up and proceeded to back out of my parking spot. i did notice ss2m running to the passenger side and grabbing the locked door. he was yelling something OUTSIDE of the car, but i couldn't hear it. of course i was a silly hussy and i let him in the car, but i vowed from that day forward not to ever date a cheap man.
you have to understand that cheap men are selfish. what's worse than having the money and just choosing not to use it because you're a miser? don't get me wrong, i don't want to be with someone who spends frivolously but if you need to dish out some money and you have it; why nickel and dime? i know that broke is not appealing, but the potential to make more is there. being broke is something that you can change but being cheap is a character trait. and you know how i know it's a character trait? ss2m got married recently and in true cheap guy style, he moved in with his in-laws after the nuptials. he sleeping on the floor with his blushing new bride. HA! i win.


AssertiveWit said...

oh he is Mr. Whack Daddy of the Millenium for that!!!! He played you over 99 cents? What in the feezy? Yeah, I'll take broke over cheap anyday! I usually do anyway LOL

Keeley said...

Broke beats cheap any day. I dated cheap and I was miserable, I married a man who was formerly broke, but we're doing well now and he's the most generous man on Earth.