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27 September 2007

that bitch is not your friend

 "i don't really have too many female friends."
that is my excuse for having a birthday party full of men. i know that guys don't want to look at other guys, but my list of girlfriends is short and i am not really interested in making it longer. i know that as women we should support one another in the name of sisterhood, but i don't believe that bullshit. some bitches are just out to get what you got and i don't trust them. so when that chick walks up to you and says, "hey girl"; watch your money and your man because she's plotting.

i am a very social person and can talk to anyone, so it takes little effort for me to met new people. i don't have a problem making friends with women but i have seen them do some conniving, back stabbing and treacherous things to other women. it has happened to me on more than one occasion. i thought that i was being a loyal and good friend, but my homegirls have always dumped on me in some manner. i never understood why, but i always walked away less a friend. i think it is because i give too much of myself and don't ask the same in return and that is my mistake. friendship means different things to different people and i had to learn the hard way.

i had a girlfriend who i watched talk about and disrespect different females. it was no surprise to me when it was my turn. my best friend asked me why i did not get upset and my response was, "i saw her do it to others, why would i not expect her to do it to me?" i am not saying that all females are like my ex-friend but a majority of them are looking to get something from you.

we, women, have started to believe our own hype. we think we are the smartest and the flyest and we should rightfully be perched on that pedestal. but when we come across that female that is flyer, smarter, and a little higher on that pedestal, our natural instinct is to knock her down. we don't try to befriend her so we can gain knowledge, we get close to undermine. i'm not saying that women should not be confident but not at the detriment of another female.

it sounds so harsh but most female interaction is based on competition. watch 2 small girls (that aren't related) play together and when the little boy comes along, watch how they turn on each other. i bet there are scientific studies on this very topic (searches google).
i do not have any lessons for this topic. i'm afraid this is going to go on until the end of time sadly enough.
*rant over*

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I should be in my bed now but I'm reading all your back posts and I have to say preach!! on this one. I first learned this when I saw my cousins 'play' fighting over some random boy, putting each other down like it's funny. They were 13/16. My sister tried that once with me [we used to look up to them] and I refused to talk to her for the rest of the day even after she apologized and I told on her. My mom sat her down and put her in her place.

To this day it bothers me even though we were 12/13 and supposedly didn't know better I know it hurt a lot more that she thought it would be cute to play that put down game over some raggedy little boy that I didn't like. She's never done it again, and after that she no longer plays those games either even though we got into fights it was never us insulting each other over some boy.

I think if more mothers would stop and talk to their daughters about their worth instead of teaching them to undermine someone else's [even unintentionally]females would be a lot easier to tolerate.