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07 April 2009

i did not have sex in college (insert sad face)

the above statement is not totally true. i did have sex while i was enrolled in college, just not in my college town and not with anybody that went to my college. now that we have cleared that up......

first, let me say it wasn't for a lack of want. there were several guys that i would have given it to, but i lacked the confidence necessary to approach them. secondly, my parents never had the sex education talk with me. so all i learned was from my friends, who knew nothing about sex (even though they thought they were experts). because i was working with little information, i took sex education classes in college. well it was actually an STD, HIV/AIDS class. so after taking that class, i really wasn't having sex with ANYBODY!!!!!

so when i hear stories about men doing sexual splits, library sex, and provocative quickies in the dorm; i feel like i missed out on something. i am not as upset that i didn't have sex, but that i don't have any cute sex stories to tell. but that is what happens when you are more of a storyteller than a sex fiend.


AssertiveWit said...

shoulda been a hoe! kidding LOL

Black Yoda said...

LOL at Assertive Wit. I may not have a 20 to give you with the economy and all...but at the very least I got 5 on it.

The Diary of a Shy Black Woman said...

Just discovered your blog. Its great...I'll be reading!