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23 October 2009

Booty Bets

"i have something to tell you."
i have never liked those words and when your best friend says them, you know its not good news.
"he made a bet about you."
"he bet those guys $250 that y'all would be f*cking in a few weeks."
"oh really?"
"yes really."
that was the worst thing she could have told me, but it would be worse for him when he had to pay. and he was going to pay in several ways. let me take you back to the beginning.

i met Sam Rothstein (see "Casino") when i was a junior in college. i know how and why we met, but i am unsure why we hit it off. we were from different parts of the country and didn't seem to have similar interests, but that did not prevent us from getting close. i knew his girlfriend Ginger, she was the love of his life but they did not seem to get along too well. we talked about their issues but he wanted to stick it out, make it work. he was admirable for that, so i thought.

fast forward a year, Sam and i are homies. my friends always questioned our closeness. there was nothing happening but that didn't mean I wasn't feeling something. i would be lying if i said i wasn't attracted to Sam. but Ginger was always in the back of my mind and i don't/didn't do the side hoe gig. so, our relationship never went past the platonic phase. but when Sam & Ginger called it quits, the door was wide open to take it somewhere else. i'm sure he was thinking that way based on how he started to act around me. i still fought it tooth and nail because i was afraid of what my friends might think. so i acted as if all of his flirting bothered me. (smile)

in the summer following my graduation, my roommates were in need of people to sublease our apartment. i knew that Sam was looking for a place for summer school, so i introduced the idea to both parties. next thing i know, Sam and i were living together. after a week of us living in the same house, my best friend came to me about the booty bet. soon there after, things changed in the house. my shorts became a little shorter, my hugs were a little longer, i even stayed in Sam's room to the wee hours of the morning. i knew i was leaving soon after summer school, so i wanted to rub in it in face that he wasn't getting any. as my move date began approaching, i devised a plan to twist the knife in a little further.

it was a friday night and i thought a scary movie would be appropriate to watch that evening. i did not want to watch it alone so i sauntered into his room and hopped in bed with Sam. i got as close as i could, right up in the spooning nook and laid there for 2 hrs. i tooted my booty a little, arched my back some, even did a little wiggling. when i knew he could take no more, i jumped up and went to my bed to sleep. and after that day i never looked twice at Sam until the day i left.

needless to say he lost the bet and i got to smirk about it. to this day Sam doesn't know that i knew or that i did all those things on purpose. nowadays we are just cordial to one another on Facebook and never bring it up to each other.


Black Yoda said...

LOL. Is this really one of your case files? If so, you've had some crazy adventures. In any event, very funny. Let me pose a different scenario: What if there was no original booty bet? Maybe one of the guys wasn't getting any and he just wanted to make sure no one was. So he decided to spread a little disinformation and picked a mutual friend to make sure it got back to you. Maybe there never was a Booty bet. Maybe there was an anti-booty bet! Maybe you didn't deny him. Maybe...just denied yourself...(steps back to hear the sound of the wind howling and let the deepness of what was just said sink in :-) Maybe...just lost a potentially good relationship by not giving it up which means you would have won by giving it up. Betcha didn't think of it that way, did you? It sounds ridiculous now that I wrote it, but there's too much power given to the booty. I'm just doing whatever I can to move us away from the continuing objectification and commodification of the booty. I'm quite the humanitarian, you see :-)
Very funny though.

a black girl who did date said...

LOL!!! If I never knew of a bet, I promise you he would have gotten it really easy. But whether was one or not,it never happened. And I did think of everything you said.

Curvy Jones said...

Lol. Black Yoda spit some knowledge up there. Giving pause to think...