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18 September 2011

Flirt Smarter not Harder - The SMILE

When your mother harassed you to brush and floss frequently, there was positive motivation behind it. Who wants to look at badly discolored and crooked teeth?  Women don’t want that in a future mate, so make sure your teeth sparkle. A lady’s smile is one of her most important assets. So remember to get those checkups regularly.  Now here’s how you use that smile.

The Laughing Smile:  This flirting technique is self explanatory. In conversation, you want to let a man know that you are interested. If you are truly amused by his commentary, laugh and then smile afterward. This smile will signify your sincerity. Some women try the fake laugh but cannot maintain the smile that follows, because it’s all false.  Be genuine in your approach and this will be the quickest way to show interest in a man.

 The Slight Smile:  Bashfulness is what this smile will project.  Ladies, instead of a full or large smile, just smile halfway. It is still a smile and expresses interest, but not the eagerness that a full toothy smile will convey. Again this is one of the easier flirting method. It can be done anywhere at all times:  the frozen food section in Kroger, the stop light or even in the gym. 

The Glossy Lip:  In the past it was the pouty red lip that was popular and symbolized a sexy mouth. Today gloss is the new red. Lip gloss can be purchased everywhere, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Ulta. Gloss comes in different shades, if color is what you crave. A simple tube of Wet N Wild $1 clear gloss will do the job.  There is something about shiny lips that men seem to be drawn to.

Now that you have all of these tips on how to use all parts of your body to flirt, you have to create combinations that will work in different scenarios.  Maybe a slight smile and an eyelash bat will work best in a bar scene. Or the laughing smile and the inanimate object touch will be better for a dinner date. 

These tips are not for the shy or faint of heart. The reaction that it may generate may be overwhelming especially if you are a flirting novice.  Before you decide to take on the task of flirting smarter, observe the women around you who seem to have men flocking in their direction. Not the young lady with her breasts and booty hanging out, but the full dressed woman who has been approached by several men.  The key to great flirting is to be aware of your body and how people react to the ways you move it. Focus on your flirting actions and notice where men focus their attention. When you are acquainted with the man’s focal point, work those flirting tips until you have achieved your intended goal.

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