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03 September 2011

Flirt Smarter not Harder -The EYES

We’ve heard for years that the eyes are the window to the soul, so you should know how to use them to their fullest capabilities.  Eye contact can change the dynamic of an interaction with the opposite sex, but you must first enhance your peepers. Because you never know where you will meet a man, make sure your eyes are always beautified.  A little mascara and eyeliner is always necessary even if you are running to the store to buy a loaf of bread.  Once the eyes are pretty, there are certain looks that a woman must comprehend to expand their flirting repertoire.  

The Far Away Stare:  This requires ladies to look in the direction of their man of interest, but do not look directly at him. Find an object or something over his shoulder and focus on that item. It will appear that you are staring at him. Normally when a stare is met, one party turns away. In this case, the lady never turns away because the man is not her focus.  She will appear to be assertive by selecting a man of interest and remaining focused to get his attention. Don’t flinch ladies, just keep looking.  

The Sleepy Eyed Look: This one is a little difficult to pull off without appearing to be tipsy. So, ladies must practice this in the mirror often.  Close your eyes and then open them just halfway. The object of this look is to create an air of sensuality. Please open your eyes enough to see, but imagine that your eyelids are heavy and you can barely open them. Once ladies have that down, it can be used rapidly in any situation with a man.

The Eyelash Bat: This is probably the easiest flirty gesture. Longer eyelashes are now very popular and could assist with this particular look.  Ladies should just bat their eyes normally, but when they want to entice a man bat those eyes a little slower. Ladies are basically waving at men with their eyelashes. So please make sure you are waving your eyelashes at the right man.


Black Yoda said...

I never really thought about how eyes could be used to seduce me. But thinking back, I can actually remember a few beautiful eyes and how they enticed me.

a black girl who did date said...

You must have been that I know you believe...*evil laugh*