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01 January 2012

its a new year, so i have decided to try a few new things. instead of resolutions this year, i have set goals for myself. most of them realistic and achievable. i am putting them in my blog as a reminder of what i need to work on. so here goes:

  1. obtain a passport and possibly use it 
  2. learn fluent Portuguese 
  3. purchase a new vehicle 
  4. maintain a workout routine 
  5. eat healthier 
  6. become a redhead - which I am most excited about 
  7. create a writing routine 
this list is to keep me accountable and so you all can remind me when i am not keeping up with my list.


Black Yoda said...

I'll remind you :o) Obtaining and using a passport is definitely a good goal. I tell people your passport is your freedom papers from the U.S. plantation. A new car? Meh. I say save your money or buy used but that's me butting in. What's with the red head obsession? :o) I'm curious to see what kind of style and color you're talking about. Are we talking red-orange locks or a Jessica Rabbit perm?

a black girl who did date said...

Have you seen my new hair on Facebook? That color red and I am not sure why. I think because when I had a bad dye job, it turned out some kind of red and a man came up to me and told I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen ... then he walked away. Yeah that might be why.

Anonymous said...

Def get your passport and travel on that is a great goal.

Anonymous said...

You accomplished a lot of these goals!!! Yay!!!!