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21 January 2013

Bucket List 2013

i have never made a Bucket List, but I was moved to do so this year. the list consisted of taking care of my health, doing more things with my friends, exercise more & reconnect with people. the last thing on my bucket list was added as a joke, but there was a tad bit of truth to the statement. the final item on the lost was to go on a romantic date. that seems silly, but you would be surprised at what constitutes as a date nowadays. please understand that i'm not like other women. a great date to me has football, buffalo wings and alcoholic beverages involve. so when i say a romantic date, there are a few things that need to be involved.

  1. the young man asking should plan out the date. please don't call me and ask me what i want to do. i will be highly disappointed. i assume that when you ask, you have an idea of where you would like to take me.
  2. on the romantic date, i need to be picked up. i need the door to be opened for me. i need the chair to be pulled out and i need for him to pay. yes, i said it. please understand that these are MY expectations for a romantic date. 
  3. there will be necking after the romantic date. don't try for more, kissing is good for right now. hopefully that is something that you are very good at because a bad kiss can make or break you in my book
if you know me well, you know that i am simple and that i am obsessed with the number three. so my lists will never be long nor complicated. am i missing anything from my romantic date list? what would be on your romantic date list?

1 comment:

Apparently_ I _Didn'tKnow said...

Ha! Im adding this to my bucket list! A girl can hope