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09 July 2015

I am Georgia Byrd

i am Georgia Byrd.
most of y'all are like: who is Georgia Byrd?
Georgia Byrd was a hard working woman who lived her life by the book. she was responsible, paid her bills on time, contributed to her 401k, never ruffled any feathers at her job, and took care of her family when they chose to be irresponsible.

But Georgia had dreams. she kept her dreams in a book of possibilities. in the book was a picture of a restaurant she would one day open, an exotic vacation that she would go on and that really good looking guy at her job that she had a crush on. she was too shy to ever speak up and address the guy and she felt he would never be interested anyway. Georgia was living, but not really.

one day Georgia bumped her head and had to go to the doctor to make sure that she was okay. mostly so her job wouldn't be liable for any worker's compensation. the doctor discovered that Georgia had an terminal brain disease and that she only had a few months to live. all of this time Georgia was hoping for her possibilities and now her life was going to end. it didn't seem fair.

Georgia decided that she would live out her dreams in her last few weeks. she decided to quit her miserable job and go on that much needed vacation. did she approach that good looking fellow? she didn't think it necessary, she wasn't going to be around that long anyway, falling in love now wouldn't help anything.

if you have never seen "Last Holiday", you should give it a watch and see how Georgia's story turns out. i have seen the movie several times and it didn't dawn on me until last night that i am Georgia Byrd. no i am not dying and i don't always pay my bills on time, but her story resonated with me.

i was raised to do things in a certain way and i never really questioned it until i found myself stuck in a miserable relationship. i realized that i wasn't living at all, i was just maintaining. what i was maintaining was a sad life that i did not enjoy. my awakening came in the form of a break up. when the relationship that i had put eight years into ended, i had to figure out what to do with myself.

i have thus made a few bad decisions (maybe more than a few), but i am figuring it all out as i move forward in my life. i am thinking that i need to create my own book of possibilities to lead me along my new journey. i have some goals that i have set for myself that i have been working on. i hope to be sharing those things with you very soon.

i wrote all of this to say: Live your life to the fullest. Stop waiting on the perfect time because it may never come. Follow your dreams. And all that other good shit.

*this was written for me. hopefully others get something out of it.

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