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09 July 2007

the what ifs

my homegirl told me that i should do a post on the what ifs. i have been in so many different situations that if i had acted differently, my life would have changed drastically. i don't even know where to start.

  • what if......i had accepted that booty call my freshman year, would t*****w and i have continued to hook up with him? would kev and the fellas (my best guy friends in college) looked at me differently?
  • what 2 friends were not in the hotel room with me and him?
  • what if......i took c****y home with me instead of making him sleep in the dorm? he like me enough to drive up for a visit, would we have become more than a passing thing?
  • what if.....i majored in music in college like i wanted to? what would i be doing now? would i be like mona scott?
  • what if ......the puerto rican 6'6" twin of chris webber was not so corny? *shivers* (y'all know i love chris webber)
  • what if......i was calm enough to talk to chris webber, instead of acting a fool in front of him?
  • what if.......i was calm enough to talk to d'angelo, instead of acting a fool in 7 eleven? (do u see a pattern here?)
  • what friends were not cockblockers and i had slept with ALL those dudes in my drunken stupor? two words - darsetta jr. ( i love u girl!!!!)
  • what if.......i had gone to the college of my choice (Univ of MD) instead of my mother's choice (JMU)?
i'm looking at the list so far and there are actually on two things i would change ( you guessed it chris and d'angelo). but i stand firm and believe what i did choose was right for me. if i had gone to different school or had a different major, i would not have the friends that i hold so dear right now. choices are a chain of events, if you change one you change everything. i enjoy my life and don't have time to reminisce on the what ifs. tan, thank you for making me look back and appreciate what i have and who i have in my life.


honorg said...

Don't trip. I've met Van Hunt, 3000, and Gary Dourdan and choked in front of all 3 of them at least twice.
Solidarity! My choked up sista!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I might have to do one of these on my blog.. I enjoyed this entry...