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12 July 2007

"you look like a freak"

that was exactly what he said to me. the conversation started so nicely and eventually took a turn for the worse, in my opinion. he actually told me not to take his compliment the wrong way. COMPLIMENT? this dude had to be joking. he had given me his entire resume prior to asking the standard questions (single? kids?). he was shocked that i did not have kids but wanted to make sure that i was having sex. WTF??? again i thought that he was was being a jokester, but i realized that he was being serious. here was this professionally dressed business man with 3 degrees saying and asking the most absurd things. that made me laugh AT him and reevaluate continuing the conversation. but i was at work (RIP Wherehouse) and as a customer service associate, i had to make sure he was being helped.
"so why don't you have kids?"
"because i am careful."
"oh so you still be doing ya thing?"
"you know what I mean.."
i started to make my way to the other side of the store to straighten cds and to get away from this clown, but of course he followed. and that is when he hit me with his "compliment". i should have known it was bad because he prefaced it with a disclaimer.
"don't take this the wrong way."
"but you look like a freak."
of course he was trying to explain his statement and i was just looking at him all wide eyed and astonished (y'all know that face). maybe because i was being pleasant, he took it as a positive response but i was just doing my job. he did give me his business card and asked that i call after work. he really over estimated his game and under estimated my esteem level and intelligence. i promptly trashed it.

i was unsure if it was a vibe i was giving off because he was not the only one to approach me in that manner. i went out with my sister one night and was approached by the ice cream man (literally). he also gave me his resume (he drove the truck to pay bills but he was an aspiring artist) and bought me a drink. that was when he dropped the bomb on me. he asked me if i was bisexual. WTF?? when i looked at him all crazy, he gave his best explanation.
"i mean that sh*t just turn a ni**a on"
i was not interested in turning you on at this point and you just turned me completely off. i was polite but eventually made my way closer to the stage so i could hear Little Brother. i was hoping that this was not the best that had to be offered in ATL. and if it was i was going to have a long year. i think that man thought this type of conversation was "cute" or "flattering" in some way. people use what works for them and this had to have worked on some poor female.  after MY negative reaction, both dudes hopefully revamped their game plan. i saw mr."you look like a freak" a week later and he shunned me. acted like we had never met, it made me laugh. i guess he was shamed of himself. i hope he was shamed of himself.

MORAL: Dudes step ya game up.....LITERALLY


Some Guy said...

LOL. It's amazing what peeps will spout in ATL. And what shorties will go for.

Damn, I used to feel bad 'cause I didn't have the heart to say that shit. Now, I feel better.

Anonymous said...

girll. this was too funny. what in the world is up with those ATL DUDES?

ShAy~SHaY said...

lmao smh...ive been living in ATL for 2yrs now n thank god I have yet to encounter men with a "line". THank God!!!