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29 July 2008

that 's what you 'posed to do to wit' a hoe

as a child, i saw my grandparents use a the garden beside their home. but when the above statement was made, they were speaking of another type of hoe.
on several occasions, i have heard men call women hoes and i myself have used the term in anger. for those who don't know hoe is an abbreviate term for the word whore. the word whore is defined as:
  1. A prostitute.
  2. A person considered sexually promiscuous.
  3. A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain
now knowing this information, why would someone even decide to get involved with a "hoe"? i have heard excuses from men about why they get involved with hoes and i find them all humorous.

"i mean she was throwing it at me."
so you accept all things that are thrown at you?

"everybody was getting some, so i wanted to try it to."
so you do everything and everyone that your boys do?

and my favorite was....
"that's what you 'posed to do wit a hoe"

I am unsure of what you are supposed to do with a hoe, so I need you to explain it to me. in a time where black women make up 2/3rds of the new cases of HIV, you are willing to have sex with somebody because they volunteered their vagina? *SMH* i need you to get a little tiny bit of self control.

i know consenting adults can do what they want, but as a participant in the sex act you have no room to call anyone a hoe. if she is a hoe, what does that make you? men are funny because they seem to place judgments on the women they have sex with, but take no responsibility for their actions. they help to perpetuate the story of said "hoe" by telling their boys how it felt, what she did, how she did it and then condone their friends trying to get some. how disrespectful!?

if i had sex with a man and gave out a BDR* and posted it on MySpace, i would be all types of bitches and then i would be the "hoe". women are just trying to get their hunch on like men, but they have to try and defend their reputations. why is it a problem if a grown woman wants to get sleep with more than one man? if she is safe and doesn't have a problem with the situation, why must you call her a hoe for doing what she wants?

i think that i am going to start calling dudes hoes just for G.P. if they have slept with more than one person, they have to be "hoe" because i know their momma taught them better than that. when a man says he has been with a lot of women, i will scream "EWWWWWWWWWWWW" real loud and point. then i will begin to chant, "VD,VD, VD ,VD" sounds extreme doesn't it? but the word "hoe" does just as much damage to a woman when you utter it once.

think about that.

* Bad Dick Report

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes... I have done something like that before. It was a guy who I knew slept around with alot of women. He was always trying to get with me. So when he comes around I tell him I didn't want his disease. He would get mad and call me a hoe.. Well I told him it takes one to know one.