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06 August 2008

The Ideal

every woman has an ideal man. for me the ideal guy would look like Leonard Peters (on the left) and would love me like Dwyane Wayne loved Whitley on A Different World. he would be the world's greatest lover and have Bill Gates money. and in an utopian society that would happen. but as you mature, you realize what is most important. in life i have someone in my life who loves me despite my evil days and stinky feet. and i love him just the same. but you do have some people who get stuck on that ideal and spend most of their life chasing it.

do you remember Kamilah from The Real World: Boston? she had a list of about 500 qualities that she was looking for in a man. and she refused to settle until she found someone with the majority of them. i laughed at her regularly because she was setting herself up for failure. i don't know how long she chased that dream, but she probably got a big dose of reality after that show ended.

everyone is going to have a preference and know what they will or will not deal with in a partner, but i need for people to be realistic. if you are 300lbs and want to be a stripper, i doubt you will make Buffy the Body money. so i need people to understand that some is better than none. if that person has a few of the qualities that are important, work with 'em. no he/she may not turn heads in the club but the dude/chick that does might give you Herpes or have bad credit, neither of those are good.

make good choices. how does he/she treat you? what are his/her aspirations in life? are you both looking for the same thing? these are pertinent questions to ask YOURSELF. once you know the answers, you can decide which direction to take. remember its a marathon, not a sprint. (c) NYOil

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are tell the truth with this entry. I try to tell my friends that all the time. They just think I am crazy. I have dealt with so many failures when it came to relationships. I know now, that the nice looking, medium built, think he looks better than me. It just will not cut it. You have to find someone who will treat you like you are something.