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15 December 2008

Girls are not for Sale

while scanning the guide on my digital cable, only one title stood out; Very Young Girls. i was immediately intrigued and i suppose that is why they gave it that title. i changed the channel and saw these teenage girls appear on the screen talking about "the life". now "the life" is one of two things i thought, gang banging or prostitution. i was sad to learn that it was the latter.

i watched this 90 minute documentary about young girls entering the world of prostitution as early as age 12 and how difficult it was for them to get out. logically it seems like an easy task; go home or just walk away. but what if there is no home to go to or if home is just as bad as "the life"? it is evident in the documentary that these young girls are psychologically scarred by their experiences but that they have been brainwashed by the pimps.

my disdain for older men that prey on young girls grew even stronger after listening to these stories. one young lady entered "the life" at 16, her pimp at the time was a 47yr old man who picked her up at the bus station. she went on to say he was like her boyfriend. REALLY?? what bothered me was that she found nothing wrong with 47 yr old man behaving as her boyfriend. it made me understand the state her mind was in when she entered "the life".

overall, this was an excellent documentary. it gave me info and insight into things that I would otherwise not know or understand. it has also inspired me to get involved in an organization in Georgia that helps young girls that are sexually exploited. for more information on similar groups in your state, the film and the organization called GEMS, go here:


AssertiveWit said...

I called you to ask you about this must have been at lunch.

I "dated" someone who was 10 years older than me when I was 21...and yes I was relatively older than those young girls but I learned QUICKLY it is a control thing. I fought his efforts to get in my head quite often...when I was tired of fighting it was when I washed my hands of's crazy that there are some men out there who seek to treat females like that I am older, he is still attracted to me but only goes so far because I'm not that 21 yr old nitwit anymore LOL

Dee Em said...

This is so common. The thing about these pimps are they use reverse psychology on young, and often lost, young women in order to encourage them to prostitute themselves. The pimp often encourages drug use as another form to keep them crippled.

One of my girlfriends lives in the Bronx. She once told me that a young man approached her on the street and told her that he had girls that looked better than her making a lot of money, but because he saw something in her he would be willing to take her on and help her become financially dependent.

Ridiculous. They know what girls to prey upon.

favorisntfair said...

It is absolutely dsisturbing to see this going on in this day and age. However, based on some of the "new age" parenting or lack there of that I witnessed this weekend, I am not surprised at how easily led some of these children are. As my layoff quickly approaches, I plan on getting even more involved with community service such as the one you mentioned. I just find it so hard not to get emotionally involved.

suga said...

So very sad. People act like women who get into that type of lifestyle actually WANT to do it, when in actuality they feel like they have no choice. When you're forced to survival the only way you know how, prostitution and other forms of degradation are sometimes their only avenue.

Unknown said...

it's ill how the sex industry works. I doubt no one woke up one morning and said "hey, today I am going to be a prostitute..."

It suggests that there is something in our economy that forces young women and girls to become sex workers.

(another example of how the free market theory doesn't work as well as we thought)..

that is something we need to fix...