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15 December 2008

She ain't got no daddy

that's right, i said it. she couldn't possibly have a daddy because if she did things in her life would be different. this is normally my explanation for the disparaging behaviors of some young women, but sometimes its just the plain ole truth.

i hate to be cliche', but there are certain situations when a father is needed. now not all fathers are Ward Cleaver or Cliff Huxtable, but fatherly input goes a long way in a young girl's life. the tales that i have heard recently have forced me to make "she ain't got no daddy" a regular phrase in my conversation. if you are unsure of scenarios that are worthy of the phrase, i have plenty of examples.

1. i previously wrote a blog about thug love. the young lady i used as an example ain't got no daddy. anytime the idea of someone mistreating you is what you look for in a spouse, your daddy was MIA. if he was there he would have let you know that a man would cherish his woman and treat her nice. her husband was trying to be that man. but because she had never dealt with a real man, she was looking for that romantical thug. *sigh*

2. the young girl at that bus stop that said: "my p***y so good Arruh Kelly wanna get at me." excuse me for just a second....BITCH HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!!!!! i am sorry, you ain't got no daddy; thus you didn't think that notion was incorrect in any way. dear young girls (12-18) it is never cute when a man 8+ years older than you wants to be your boyfriend, including Arruh Kelly. did you ever ask why he is not dating someone his age? you are cute, but you are not that cute little girl.

3. a conversation between young girl and grown man: she is 161/2 yrs old, he is 45 yrs old
"girl you know in a year and half umma be up in that "
she giggled
i know she ain't got no daddy, because my daddy would have whipped his ass for even insinuating that he was interested in sex. now maybe her giggle was one of nervousness, but the proper response would have involved several curse words. the insult to injury is that this man is someone who volunteers to monitor the behavior of neighborhood children. he is concerned about them getting out of hand. *blinks* i wish you could see my face.

4. i could go on for days but my final example can be summed up in one word: MAURY. are you really coming on the show for the 5th time to test the 9th man to determine the identity of your child's father. i need you to stop playing. you ain't got no daddy because he would told you what men really think about girls that sleep around. you would have thought about your actions and attempted to correct the situation. but there couldn't have been a daddy because you came on TV and told people what and who you had been doing. *SMH*

side note: if people had sex education they would understand the very small window that a woman has to get pregnant. to have that many candidates in that small window, again excuse me....YOU'S A HOE!!!!

please feel free to use my new phrase when you feel it necessary! (don't forget to give me credit)


Anonymous said...

I will definitely credit you if I use that phrase :) Where'd you come up with the 8 year rule? I'm still in awe of the half your age plus 7 rule for a man :-)

a black girl who did date said...

@black yoda I am not sure where I pulled 8 from. When you are 12 yrs old, anybody over 14 is a bit much. But a 20 yr old kicking it with a 12 yr old is just wrong. On my favorite show Maury, a chick started dating her boyfriend when she was 13 and he was 26. WTF?????

AssertiveWit said...

"she aint got no daddy" bwhahahhahahaha I wailed when I saw this title because I just KNEW you were up in here clowning the shat outta some poor girl with no daddy...I'm adding one to your list:

you know she aint got no daddy when she THINKS that stripping is the ONLY thing she can possibly do to get money because SO many men have told her she has a nice enough body to strip...that doesn't mean you SHOULD strip...SMCH

FYI: the scenario above could be "she aint got no daddy" syndrome and/or "her daddy aint around all the time" and/or "she had a daddy but he acts like Hitler"

I'm done. LOL

Anonymous said...

This has to be the most stereotypical assumption made about young women who are growing up without a father.

I am twenty years old and my father left my mom and I when I was two. To suggest that all fatherless young women, such as myself, are unable to conduct healthy relationships with members of the opposite sex is profoundly biased.

To make such a vast hypothesis without actually being a fatherless child yourself, is to perpetuate unneeded cliches that I and many other young women must regretfully carry on a daily basis. It is infuriating to be placed in such a substandard category due to someone else's absence.

a black girl who did date said...

@ Peace
i didn't apply this to all fatherless women. i said that i had heard stories that made me say she ain't got no daddy. i know plenty of people who are fatherless that are very productive and have great relationships with the opposite sex. i also know people with fathers that have crappy relationships with the opposite sex. my blog was basically based on the protection factor that a father provides to his child.

my father actually left my mother when i was 5 and i did not have a man around until I was a teenager. so i was not fatherless per se but i could have easily been one of mine own examples. and i NEVER said that fatherless women don't nor can't function in healthy relationships, so i'm not sure where you got that from.

please understand this is my opinion, my type of humor and i don't expect everyone to like it. so if i offended you, that was not my intention.