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01 January 2009

its time in '09

happy new year to everyone!!!! i spent the new year with my family in atlanta and had a quiet pleasant evening. i'm not too old to wild out on new year's eve, but i haven't been feeling it the past couple of years. but i did not write this blog to talk about my celebration. i am here to discuss what is unacceptable in 2009.

i know people have been using the "black president" reason to improve their lives and i think its a bullshit excuse; i.e. what the hell have you been waiting on. but i will not discourage anyone from improving their situation, no matter the motivation.

in 2009 there are things that should not be tolerated and i am here to give a forewarning.

1. no longer will your car cost more than you residence - the notion is just wack (yes i said wack). the range rover in the projects doesn't really impress anymore. we have seen MTV Cribs and the house is supposed to match the vehicle.

2. approaching a woman in any other way than a proper introduction is inexcusable. the days of yo,yo,yo and FEMALE are done. you can speak english (i hope), how about you utilize that skill.

3. sex without a condom. i was shocked that people were still doing it raw. but with the statistics rising for communicable diseases, seems more people than not are doing it. you can make all the excuses you want, but there is not dick or pussy worth dying over. and i don't care if he/she says "im clean, i swear". remember no glove no love.

4. please stop lying to your friends, about anything. if her ass is too big for the skirt, let her know. if his breath is tart, let him know. the age of the sugar coat is over, people need some truth in their lives. i am sick of people walking around thinking it is all lovely, while folks are laughing at them.

5. cyber beef ends NOW. do people really talk shit to each other on Myspace and Facebook? do people really send YouTube videos back and forth dissing each other? i need for you to have some personal time with some flesh and blood humans. i think new socialization will help your personal skills all around.

there will be more that i come up with after i publish the blog, but please feel free to addto the list of unacceptable actions in 2009.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I am in complete agreement with you! I also would like to add that the secret beefs need to stop as well! If you got beef, address it right then, don't wait!

favorisntfair said...

I really need people to do better and follow through this year!

That is all...for now :)