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06 December 2008


Orgazmo is the story of a young Mormon man who raises money for his wedding by playing a pornographic superhero on film. but that story has nothing to do with this blog. i needed a visual for the topic at hand, the all powerful orgasm.

i was listening to my favorite morning radio show (The Bert Show Q100) and a young lady contacted the show to say she had dated a dude for 5 years and never had an orgasm. WHAT THE FEEZY? i am not sure why she stayed in the relationship because i stopped listening after she said it had been 5 yrs.

i know that men can be selfish in that arena, but when do you stop protecting his feelings and tell that man what your needs are? i believe that is indicative of how most women handle their sexual situations. it is such a sensitive topic and you never want to hurt his fragile ego. but sometimes you have to say it. i remember the time that i had to let a dude know.

him: well did you.....
me: no i did not

it made him try harder and i appreciated that. it is time that we let men know that "beating it up" (literally) does nothing for us. some men need to learn the anatomy of a woman, where nerve endings are and all that good stuff. this is my attempt at a PSA for dudes. i am not sure how its coming off, but hell its my blog, so there.


ChiChi said...

I agree wholeheartedly.

How could she be with him all that damn time and never have a fracking orgasm?! I will never understand.

I let the Mister know everytime verbally and non-verbally if he's hitting it right.

AssertiveWit said...

hahahahhahahahhahahahaha I have a funny story to tell you that I cannot share here but it is very much in sync with this blog

suga said...

Had she EVER had an orgasm? I know some women who have never had one, and i feel like in their cases, saying something to their significant other may end up fruitless since they wouldn't be able to direct them to the right spot. I can be honest and say that i gave myself my first O, which resulted in me being able to direct my former SO to the right spot lol If it hadn't been for my own exploring, i'm sure i'd be one of those chics who had no idea what an O felt like. One of my friends once told me she didnt know if she'd ever had an O. I was like "HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW?!! YOU WILL KNOW. TRUST ME. AINT NO 'I THINK I CAME'...NAW HEFFA..YOU WILL KNOW!!" lol

Anonymous said...

Women are a complicated bunch.Why can't you be as simple as us? That's a blog I'd love to read. I can't believe he If you have to ask, that's not a good sign :-) A guy knows he's doing it right when she stays rubbing/clawing/touching you and you try to fake a sickness or say you have a headache to get out of it because your so drained from the last time. FYI (and I'm sure the ladies already know this)...those excuses don't all........... :-)