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29 June 2009

He stood me up.....

anybody who knows me, knows that Dwayne Johnson is my "baby daddy" in another life. he is actually the reason i started watching wrestling again (i watched it with my grandfather as a child). so when the movie "The Scorpion King" was debuting, a young man asked to take me to the see this film. i was elated, because it was a REAL date and i would get to watch 96 minutes of a sweaty half naked Dwayne Johnson.

the young man who asked me out, was someone i had been interacting with for a while. with him working at night and me during the day, scheduling a get together was almost impossible. so when we both were free we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. we decided that Friday evening would be best but the time had yet to be determined. that made me a little nervous , but he called me about the movie times and we were all a go.

we decided on a time early in the evening. i know how it goes down in the A, so i picked an early time just in case he lined about something afterward. i started to get dressed and ready for my rendezvous, but forgot a tidbit of info. standard procedure for me is to drive on the 1st date, either i meet you or pick you up. so if the dude feels like he wants to nut up and act crazy, he will get left or i will leave. this time i forgot to ask my date which he would prefer. i did not want to offend him in his attempt to be gentlemanly, so i decided to call and ask.

when i called my date it went to his voice mail, so i decided to leave a message. he was probably getting dressed, so i started getting dressed and waited for a return phone call. when 30 minutes went by, i called again; voice mail answered again. i wasn't worried, i was going to give him the benefit of the doubt. now when the 2 earliest movies times had passed and i had not heard from him, i was worried. you see something must have happened, a family emergency, an accident or a tornado knocked over his house because there was no way he was standing me up. when he initially asked me out, i told him that this date had to happen and if it didn't that was it. and he gave me his word, so his car must have exploded and his phone burned up inside.

by 10:30 pm, i was pissed. i hoped that there was a pile up on 285 and he was in the midst of it. i don't wish bad things on people, but what happened in a 2 hour span that you couldn't call me? this was the first and last time i had been stood up (the fake NFL player doesn't count) and he didn't even have the decency to call the next day. not only did he not call the next day, it was 2 weeks before i heard from him. and what did he say when he called:
"i was scared."
"you said if i did not show, that was it."
"and i meant that."
"i know and that scared me."
"okay dude, whatever. if you had a better offer, just say so."
"i didn't even leave my house. i was just, ya know, it was just that...."
"forget it man, just forget it."
that was the last convo we had about dating or a date.

i never understood how 'not calling' was supposed to help the situation. maybe if a year had passed, i would have forgotten.....that is a lie; i would have never forgotten. i am not a hard ass (totally), so he and i were able to establish a friendship after he took me and my sister to dinner. hopefully he hasn't stood anybody else up and he has learned from our experience.


K. Michel said...

Haha. He was scared of what? Watching a movie with a fly girl on his arm?

Pfft! What a waste of time, babe. There's something wrong with that guy.

Black Yoda said...

He was This reminds me of that Martin episode when he calls from Jail. "I'm scared.....I'm soooooooooo scared."

"I meet you or pick you up."

You pick him up? Damn, it's like that? You open the car door for him too? Pull out his seat for him at the restaurant? If we go out, just give me money before we get into the restaurant so we can pretend to go dutch when the bill arrives. Or you can give me all the money so I can pretend to pay for the whole meal. Who says chivalry is dead? :-)

Seriously though, I know you need transportation in A. Is Marta what's hot in the streets? If you have no car it probably is literally the only thing that's 'hot' in the streets....the engine of the bus that's taking you where you need to go.

a black girl who did date said...

@ Black Yoda
You are too silly!! I just need to be in control of my destination. You are not going to pretend we ran out of gas and then attempt to molest me. My car, my rules.

Unknown said...

Men in the A.... Girl, the "scared" line was too ridiculous. He really should have been ashamed to even use that one. If he was "scared" why give his word that he would follow through with the date? If what you said alarmed him, then he could have broke off the date right then. I guess that would take balls which he clearly doesn't have. INCONSIDERATION is a major pet peeve of mine and that's what he was, inconsiderate. Time is of the essence, and by him not calling to let you know he wasn't going to show, he wasted your time. Him not answering the phone showed inconsideration. I think the situation happened to reveal some things about him that you may not have found out until later, so actually it was a good thing.

Danielle said...

I love your blog! So refreshing!

Unknown said...

I'm still fending for myself at 29. Its tough... =(

Chrissystina said...

Whoa Atlanta men are TRIPPIN. But, ya know, I can say that for L.A. men, as well. Is it wrong to drive on the first date or meet somewhere? I used to always do it like tht since high school. I had to throw a coupla dudes out a coupla times!
Trust. It is WORTH to have control of your own transportation. Some men are crazy, and I just do not do crazy- "Get out the car" haha
The nice ones never got kicked out, by the way:-D