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21 February 2010

we are finally gonna hook up.......

"so what are you doing later?"
i had been waiting 6 years to hear him say that. his 6'6" frame was towering over me while his teeth were shining in the afternoon sun. it took me back to the first time i had seen him on TV. i had been following his basketball career since i was a junior in high school. now i am standing less than 2 inches away from this man i had been admiring from a distance.
"i'm going to the party with my girls"
"yeah i'm going too but i mean after that."
"ummmm i am not sure....."
wow!!! my mind was racing a mile a minute and i was trying to think of a way to answer the finest man that i had seen in my life.

my 1st weekend in college, he strolled by sweaty, golden and shirtless. after drooling and hyperventilating, i had to explain to my new friends that i had been lightweight stalking this man for abt 2 years. it became our collective goal for me to talk to this man at some point in my college career. well because God is funny, this man wound up in one of my classes. because he was on the basketball team and traveled a lot, he needed to play catch up in class. now guess whose notebook he wanted to borrow. *smile* after that we were cool and talked a lot, but i still just worshiped him from a far.

in my 4 yrs of college, dude had hit on every chick i knew and bedded more than a couple. so here i was after 6 years of lusting, "getting my turn at bat" (c) The Jeffersons theme.
so as he looked me up and down, licking his lips, asking me where i was going later.....
"ummm i am not sure. i am staying at (best friend's) apartment." *
"well you can call me on my cell if you know......"
i giggled. i stood there and giggled like a 10 yr old school girl. and i took the number because i wanted the number, but alas i never made the phone call. after all the things i told my friends i wanted to do to him, i was too chicken to even try. my friends still laugh at me about that event, especially because i refer to it as my most memorable college related moment.

*the proposal took place during a homecoming weekend after i had graduated from JMU


FireBrand said...

BOO! I was expecting a spicy end, with details! BOO!

Black Yoda said...

Yeah, I agree with FireBrand. I've come to expect more from you :-)So, are you like the girl that guys like to hang out with at a sports bar? You strike me as the type that could be one of the homies? I could see you downing shots with the fellas, talking mad sh!t with the best of them. The whole time a guy could see you like all his other boys until you do something girly like turn around and walk away, little switch in your hips. Then he'll be like, "Damn, homey got a donk." And in that instant, the whole dynamic changes. Yup, that's exactly how I see things going down with you :-)

a black girl who did date said...

@Black Yoda I have always had a load of guy friends and you probably described everything that has gone thru my guy friends' heads. Most of my situations turn out similar to this one. I am the Queen of Missed Opportunities.

Anonymous said...

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