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13 August 2011

Flirt Smarter Not Harder - The HANDS

You use them every day. At work, in the home, in ordinary activities; what would a lady do without her hands? They are adorned with colorful polish and rings of different sizes, but are you using them correctly when you interact with that guy you like so much? Here is how you make your hands work for you.
The Rub Down: This is not a massage technique but it is a way to determine what is going on under guys’ clothes without taking them off. It seems a tad risqué but it will never fail you. For this to work correctly ladies, you must be in close proximity of the man of interest. You may be standing next to him or sitting near him, but nothing should be obstructing your reach. As you are speaking with this young man, reach out and touch him. It may be a hand on his thigh or just a gentle rub. Do not leave your hand there, but just brush across him. If you are standing near him, do the same thing to the front of his shirt. You can feel his chest, see what it is he is working with. Most men will not notice nor will they mind you touching them, just don’t overdo it. Ladies you want to flirt, not grope the man in public. (Save that for later)
The Inanimate Object Touch: One of the oldest tricks in the book, but also one of the most reliable. Find something on the table or on the bar where you are talking with your man of interest and start to touch the inanimate object. An obvious choice would be the rim of the glass that contains your drink or the straw that you are sipping from. Similar to the touch with your hand, just use a finger to run up and down the glass or the straw. I promise that his focus will shift or you will at least cause a slight distraction.
I know these little actions seem silly, I promise the results will be large and possibly in great number. Happy Flirting!!

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