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05 August 2011

Flirt Smarter Not Harder - The FEET

Flirting to most women consists of usage of their eyes and mouths. A woman may look at an attractive man and smile to spark his interest. She may see him across a room and stare a little longer than normal to let him know she wants him to approach. But ladies there are several more ways to flirt than the regular old coy stare or smile. Over the years, I’ve mastered the art of flirting; having studied at the hand of my mother and excelling in courses of human behavior and group dynamics. To help you learn to flirt smarter, not harder; I have a few tips to vamp it up.

Using your feet to flirt with men may seem simple but it requires a few must haves to make it go over smoothly.
A nice fresh pedicure is necessary.
2. Very bright, lively toe nail polish is a great accessory.
3. High heels shoes that are to die for. Not only do they make your calves look great, but they are decorations for your feet.

Ladies, if these three items are in your possession, you are now ready for the lesson. This level of flirting is about graceful movement and placement. When sitting down, feet are normally hidden underneath the table. Or perhaps you cross your legs at the ankle, leaving your feet tucked under your seat. This is no time to be modest. Ladies, lean back in your seat, cross your legs in front and show off your feet. The foot is the prelude to a possible covered leg. If the foot is pretty, a man will wonder what the leg looks like.

If you are standing, place one foot in front of the other, as if you were using your foot to point at something or someone. Depending on the brightness of the polish or the fantastic-ness of the shoe, men’s eyes will be drawn down to look at your feet. This is not just a feat that works on men with foot fetishes, but all men. I have been doing it for years and it is a sure fire hit.


Black Yoda said...

You master manipulator, you. This is cool. Personally, I like when women flirt with me by showing off their chest and bottom instead of their feet, but I'm somewhat old-fashioned. :0)

a black girl who did date said...

Master Manipulator??? Who me??? Oh never me....*smiles* This is just the beginning, I have more tips coming.

Anonymous said...

I hate that you're, we'll, right! Its subtle but I still appreciate those things. Feet, shoulders, you know, "appetizers!" ;-)