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14 June 2014

Say NO to Reindeer Games

please read the following quotes carefully:

"Most women are highly competitive by nature, and it seems that men have an innate ability to bring out their most competitive streak, without even meaning to."

"If a woman truly believes that a certain man is "the one" and they are meant to be together, she may very well stop at nothing to ensure that they end up together."

"She may try to seek out the other woman's flaws, insecurities and weaknesses, and exploit these to her advantage by bringing them to the man's attention, thinking that making her look bad will make herself look good by default."

these are a few lines from an article on by Victoria Holmes titled "Why do women compete for men?" i was hoping to gain some insight on what makes me tick as a woman, but this article was of no assistance. i will place this piece on my Peen Point Patty reading list. i get the notion that it was written to cater to men, i mean it wasn't on a website that is particularly geared toward the ladies. but that is neither here nor there, it's the statements that i want people to view carefully.

can someone point out the positivity in these sentences? i'll wait.
*plays Jeopardy theme song*
you didn't find any either, huh? i see THIS as a problem. often times enough i see women tear each other apart for the attention of some man. let me start by saying, i don't do competition. my mother told me not to play those games with men because a man knows who he wants. i get that people date multiple folks, but some men get off on watching the "competition" go down. so those are reindeer activities that I do not participate in.

a few days ago, a guy was praising the fact that women out number men on the planet. yaaaaay for him, not so yaaaay for me. again i don't do competition, but i have recently discovered that people are competing with me. for what, i am unsure. what the competitors are failing to realize is that you need participants for it to be a competition. if i am not actively involved that means you are competing alone. so all of the extra work you are doing for that attention is unnecessary. see if that man wants to give you his attention he will, despite me. now think about that.

the picture above is how i am moving forward with my female counterparts. if we cannot uplift one another and i see you competing like a teenage girl, you ma'am are out of my circle. why waste the energy competing, when you can focus that on being fabulous. because when you are fabulous, all that male attention those other chicks are fighting for will always come your way. as women we have to do better and this is me holding myself accountable.

so the next time your high school self tells you that it's competition time, tell her to have several seats, put on your big girl panties and work on you.

1 comment:

Don said...

I've told my oldest daughter this in so many words. Truth be told, it's the woman who refuses to compete (play silly games) that we find most intriguing anyway.