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04 June 2014

Your life is your own

I had a conversation with a friend and he asked the question, "At what point does your life become your own?" I had to sit back and really think about the answer to that question. I am a grown woman with bills and issues of my own, but until recently I was doing what everybody thought I should do. I have spent more than half of my life trying to be the perfect child for my parents. And I was the most miserable bitch ever known to man. The past few years, I have done what I wanted to do and I have been in a better place, happier than before. I laugh harder and smile more than before. But now it seems that people have a problem with my happiness or should I say my choices. I was shocked to say the least, but now I understand that everybody isn't always happy for you. Despite my disappointment, I plan on making myself happy and doing what I want to do. Its my life and I have to live it. I cannot live it for others nor do I plan to anymore.


Ade said...


Don said...

You know how peeps be trying to live vicariously thru others. Lol. Not to mention there are many others like your former self who, for whatever reasons, lived for others too. So when they see someone living for themselves...they probably feel like that person is "cheating."

Whatever that means.

Nice blog. I'll return.