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07 July 2014

Ka RahTay - Jailbirds ain't loyal

Dear Karrueche,

I will not misspell your name again because I hate when people butcher my name and it is far less difficult. Let me introduce myself, my name is Tam and I am an old school chick who has seen some things and been around the block. So let me talk to you about my VA cousin Christopher.

When he was incarcerated, he was the sweetest man you knew. He loved you and missed you so much. He couldn' wait to get out and hold you in his arms. He might have even written you the most sugary sweet letters while he was confined for 23 hours of the day. I even saw the video of the birthday party you surprised him with after he was released. That was damn awesome. He looked so happy and he kissed you and told you he loved you for doing it. And he meant it. But let's talk about jailbirds.

You have to understand that men in jail don't really have loads of access to a plethora of women. Some guys join those penpal sites and try to con...I mean sweet talk women into dating them. Why would a woman date a man that is locked up? Dedication. He can't really cheat on her and it's not like  a lot of chicks would be checking for him anyway. In exchange, those men are dedicated like hell to that chick that is accepting his collect calls and padding his commissary. With cousin Chris it was all the same and just a tad different.

His sentence wasn't long and he is famous. Despite people trying to get at him in rehab or jail, his access was limited to probably you and his momma. Oh and his lawyer. You were his life line in jail. But just like other convicts, when cousin Chris became a free man his old habits returned very quickly.  And although he talked about change and doing things different, he will only change for himself and when he wants. I am so sorry you got caught in his jailbird behavior, but lots of women have been where you are.

You are a gorgeous girl and I am sure you will bounce back. So please hold your head up and keep moving forward.


Tam - who got robbed when her jailbird friend got out


8thlight said...

I want to hear about the jail bird friend and what they stole.

Don said...

"In exchange, those men are dedicated like hell to that chick that is accepting his collect calls and padding his commissary."

Too funny, but definitely some truth to everything you said. I'm sure there are some dudes who stay true to the woman who stayed true to them. But those dudes are definitely outnumbered by the ones that go back to the same behaviors.

Are you joking where you spoke of being robbed by your friend after he was released?