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14 August 2014

Dead Horse Beating: It's all about the numbers

i am starting a new segment on my blog called Dead Horse Beating. in these posts, i will cover all the topics that have been discussed ad nauseum. so why not continue murdering the horse? yeah because i am going to pummel your mind with it some more. yaaaaay!!!!

every five days on Twitter, the conversation of body count rears its ugly head.  body count, for those who don’t know, is the number of people who you have had sex with.  the ranting usually starts with some young man who still resides in his mother’s home stating that if a girl has slept with more than 0.5 men, including him, she is a whore. this same underemployed owner of nothing gentleman is the same person who wants a bad bitch, lady in the streets/freak in the sheets, that “rides nice d*ck”.  how might a virginal young lady obtain these qualities? i was always taught that practice makes perfect, but if you don’t want her to practice … what is she to do?

but what about the inexperienced male? i always assumed that every man i have slept with has been with millions of chicks. not because he knows special tricks and does things to me that are amazing, i believe it is just the way men are socialized. men are taught that quantity is better than quality, until its time to settle down. and since these men are not settling down with me, i assume i am one of the millions. yes it is an asshole of an assumption, but i am going solely on my encounters. unlike men, women don’t really want a man who has a low body count. the most frequent complaint about men with low body counts is nobody has time to “teach a man what he should already know”. which closes the circle on men being socialized to have lots of sexual partners.

the video clip above is from a web series called “The Number”. the premise is that a couple gets engaged and they agree to reveal their body counts. well the young lady’s number is waaaaaaaaaaay bigger than the guys number. she has even slept with a few of his co-workers (before she met him). and the story goes from there. normally women are angered by the whole body count number because it shows them in a negative light. they don’t want to be judged nor categorized by the number. but in this clip, they do just what they don’t want done to them. they judge the young man in the relationship because his number is low. they complain about having to teach him and him not knowing what he was doing in bed. it was hypocrisy at its finest.

but what is the solution to this reoccurring issue? stop asking questions when you can’t handle the answers. i don’t care about the number of people my partner has been with. as long as he is not infecting me or fucking someone in my family, i don’t need to know anything about a number. and any man that wants to have sex with me will never ask me that question. if he does, he won’t be added to my number of bed partners.

1 comment:

Don said...

how might a virginal young lady obtain these qualities

Lol. Good one. Practice makes perfect! Can't be a certified pro without the experience.

I'm sitting here, thinking, but I don't recall ever asking a woman how many men she's been with. I'm more concerned with how many times or even if she's cheating in a relationship than anything.

I don't think the majority of men will ever get past the Dead Horse Beating though. That's just what it is.