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13 August 2014

Penis People Points - Exclamations

this week i have a male guest writer speaking on a topic that most women have questions about: men and the need for multiple partners. please let me know how you feel about this post. moving forward there may be more from him. i present to you ....exclamations.


When BeyoncĂ© asked the grammatically incorrect question “Who run the world?” ,  she was not accurate when the answer she gave was girls. The answer, however, could be a five-letter word that we all know very well. Yep, you got it. Pussy. Pussy runs the world.

Over the past few years I’ve talked to several women who just couldn’t grasp why men have the innate need for multiple partners. Most of them attribute it to a man’s lack of self-control, or to the fact that most men are trifling. While some of the culprits discussed may fit those superficial profiles, the majority of men don’t. I know, another man trying to stick up for all men is a tall task. Let me be the first to say that this is not my aim, but I am going to shed some light on why I think we men go after multiple women.

In the great nation of Manlandia—because we certainly didn’t come from the same planet as women— it is every man’s job to construct his image of the perfect woman. Some men’s preferences are more complex than others; rich, tall, light skinned, hipster virgin with absolutely no body hair, and the perfect vaginal radius to fit his manhood. Others may be quite simple; no children, loves God, and is adequately attractive. The truth is that we all have our subconscious superman/woman, but most men actually believe one of two things; either we haven’t met her or she doesn’t exist.

So, then what do we do? We make her exist.

For some of us that do believe that she does exist, I like to think of it like a roulette table. You know, you either bet on black or red (white in this case). After you get through the initial color barrier, then we go to characteristics that we find favorable (career, personality, sex drive, sexual performance, loyalty, attractiveness, previous children, attitude) we place our “bets” and then we place the ball in the hole and go for a spin. If you’re lucky, your bets will bring back positive returns, and eventually you begin to place more of your money on a specific number (black 26) in hopes of hitting the jackpot. Most men get in relationships and may possibly marry those women, but if they aren’t content with that black 26, they’ll still bet on other numbers. The truth is, that man has settled for a good thing, but isn’t completely all in because it’s not a great thing. So he’ll bet on the side until he feels safe on black 26, or until he is put in a predicament where he’ll lose black 26.

Now, for the men that simply don’t believe that she exists, he will continue to play the field, because...well shit, in their mind, they can’t lose.

I’m using this figurative language to suggest that even though pussy may run the world, pussy is not the solitary reason men desire other women. Pussy is the exclamation point to a good sentence, but if you can’t supply good substance in the sentence, then you’ll only end up being a part of the sentence.

If a man doesn’t believe that you’re his ideal woman, then you can never make him think that you are, regardless of how much fucking, sucking, cooking, and fucking you do. He’ll just say That was some good ass exclamation mark. Now, if only I can find that in a good sentence…

So, although BeyoncĂ©’s fallacy created a stirring uproar of self-confidence amongst women, it might also have reeled some into the exclamation mark category. Most men are searching for their “black 26”, and if they’re getting lucky along the way, then they’ll continue to play until they hit the jackpot. Having multiple partners, especially ones with phenomenal sex, might not be the best practice, but it sure does add a hell of a lot of emphasis to a good sentence!

-Donkor Uriah

1 comment:

Don said...

Always asked this question and I've always answered with honest to God type of honesty. For me, it had never been about trying to sleep with as many women as possible. It's more of a thing/connection where I viewed the two women as "this is my woman" and this is my "girl."

There's some things I couldn't do with my woman that I did with my girl, and vice verse. Not to mention how my "girl" always talked to me about ways of improving my relationship with my woman.

I know that's some strange-sounding ish, but that's what it is. Or was.

IDK, maybe I wasn't raised right.