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22 November 2015

Kim Kardashian to the rescue

anybody who knows me well, knows that i detest the entire Kardashian clan and Kim is my least favorite person. i do not spend my days trashing them on social media, i mostly ignore all that they do. i don't watch any of their shows. (i did watch a few of the Khloe & Lamar episodes cuz i actually like them as couple) i don't buy any of their products and try not to talk about them in any capacity. so i know people are confused as to why i am writing a blog about Kim. well recently Kim helped me out in a way that i never imagined.

i recently ended a situationship and i was having a very hard time dealing with all my new free time. i was starting to obsess over what happened and why it happened when my good friends gave me another outlet. she said, "you can channel all your petty into this Kim K game that i play." at first i was like naw because that would be like supporting her. but when i kept re-reading old text messages, i decided i could waste my time in a better way. so i downloaded the game to my phone and started to play bff to Kim Kardashian every day.

the way the game works is that you start off as a lowly retail employee that helps Kim during a fashion crisis and then she decides to help you become a fashion mode and icon. you get to create a character and look how you want. you can date who you want break up and get married, buy stores, condos, yachts and travel the world. you have a nemesis that you try and out do, unleash all your petty on her and laugh while doing it. i never knew this game would be so cathartic. i played so much that i really didn't notice all the times i was not talking to #oldbae.

so i have to thank Kim Kardashian for giving me a "healthier" outlet. (yes I could go to the gym too, but this was more fun) don't get me wrong she is still not my favorite person, but i don't go so hard on her because that would make me a hypocrite. but if you need something to help you kill time, this game is a pretty good distraction. hit me in the game if you to play though, i need friends to invite to my parties.

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